Who Is Hestia in Hades 2?

In Short
  • After being mentioned in passing in the first game, Hestia officially returns as one of the goddesses you encounter in Hades 2.
  • She is the goddess of hearth and fire and provides fire boons.
  • Historically, she is one of the siblings of Zeus, devoured by the Titan Chronos.

With the release of Hades 2, many of the old gods and goddesses from the first game are making a return. One of them includes Hestia, the Greek goddess of fire. You’ll find her during your journey through Hades 2, with Hestia occasionally coming to Melinoe’s aid. But who exactly is Hestia in Hades 2, and how is she useful? Let’s begin breaking it all down!

Hestia 2 Hades 2: Who Is She and Why Does She Help You?

Hestia in Hades 2 as shown

Hestia is one of the Greek goddesses in Hades 2 who helps Melinoe in her quest to defeat the forces of Chronos, the Time Titan. As such, like most gods and goddesses in Hades 2, she provides Melinoe with Boons that help her fight. She is the Goddess of Flame, and as such, every boon Hestia gives is fire-based. Furthermore, she has a flame icon as her unique icon.

If you’ve played the first Hades, you’ve heard her name while using the Adamant Rail, as she was the previous owner. That was a weapon she possibly used. Hence, this is the first time she appears in the Hades game with Hades 2. She is a kind-hearted and understanding lady with a dark side. As such, she threatens to set everything on fire from time to time.

Hestia In Greek Mythology

a statue of Hestia portraying her historical looks
A statue of Hestia portrays her historical looks (Image Courtesy: World History Encyclopedia)

In ancient Greek mythology, Hestia lived up to her namesake, the goddess of the Hearth and the Home. She is Zeus’s sister and is depicted as a female wearing long clothes and a shawl on her head.

She is also one of the five offsprings of Chronos, the Time Titan, who eventually devoured her in fear of her overthrowing him. However, Zeus rescues her, resulting in Chronos’s overthrow from Mount Olympus and her becoming one of the goddesses.

Hestia Hades 2: Confirmed Boons

Hestia lends her help to her niece Melinoe in the form of boons, which you can consider added perks. Here are the ones I’ve discovered after my multiple playthroughs. As I said above, most of Hestia’s boons in Hades 2 are fire-based, giving Melinoe’s attacks some well-deserved fire damage. Let’s take a look at some of these boons:

  • Flame Flourish (Epic): The specials will inflict scorch damage by 25 points.
  • Soot Sprint: Melinoe’s sprint destroys most ranged shots near her, inflicting scorch on foes that fired. Scorch damage per projectile is 2 damage.
  • Hearth Gain (Rare): Rapidly restores the magic, but Melinoe has -20 total health. Plus, magic restoration is up by +10.

Remember that the boons above are the ones I found during the early access launch. I am strictly avoiding adding the technical test variants to the list.

That is everything you should know about Hestia in Hades 2. From her hooded figure in technical tests to the current iteration in early access, she does radiate quite an aura. But what do you think about her? Let us know in the comments below!

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