Hades 2 Release Date: When Will the Full Game Be Out?

In Short
  • As per our best guess, Hades 2 release date will fall somewhere between late 2025 to 2026.
  • During the launch of Hades 2, we expect the game to have tons of balance changes and the true ending.
  • I also expect the game to add some interaction between Melinoe, the game's hero and Zagreus, her brother when the game launches in the 1.0 release.

When Hades 2 released in early access, we were all left surprised and excited. The long expected sequel to the dungeon crawler was universally loved by gamers and critics alike. However, while thousands have already played it, many are wondering about the full Hades 2 release date. So if you’re someone also waiting for the full content, keep reading as we talk about the Hades 2 release date right here!

When Will Hades 2 Release?

Hades 2 Release Date

Let’s clear the air about the Hades 2 release date right away. Supergiant Games have already confirmed that Hades 2 release will not happen in 2024. Players saw this confirmation when booting up Hades 2 for the first time.

To put things into perspective, the original Hades launched in early access on Epic Games Store in 2018. Since then, it took Supergiant Games two years to complete and launch the game on other platforms in 1.0.

As, I expect the Hades 2 release date to be somewhere around late 2025 to 2026. The sequel feels more content-rich than the first game’s early access. Within these two years, Supergiant Games might add many changes and more content to the current storyline of Hades 2.

What Can We Expect from Hades 2 (1.0) Release?

Hades 2 Melinoe\

Since Hades 2 is currently out exclusively in early access, a lot of content will be added to the game by the time it launches in 1.0. As such, you can expect a lot of game balance and some story additions. In the first early access launch note by Supergiant Games, Hades 2 will add the true ending for the game with the 1.0 release.

Additionally, we can expect tons of balance changes to the game. The game has made several balance changes to the boons and weapons. Hence, we can expect a perfect system when the game launches in 1.0. Who knows, we might even get the answer to will Zagreus return in Hades 2 after the game’s full release.

Zagreus from Hades
Image courtesy: Supergiant Game/Hades

For those unaware, Hades 2 revolves around Melinoe, daughter of Hades and sister to Zagreus. As Melinoe it is your job to defeat the forces of Titan of time while taking all the help you can from Olympus.

I am also expecting Hades 2’s release date to bring the news of a console launch. The original Hades launched for consoles in 2021, after a year of the PC 1.0 launch. Hence, we can expect the game’s console launch a year after the Hades 2 release.

I hope you’re now excited about the Hades 2 release date. Have you played Hades 2 in early access? Let me know in the comments below.

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