Watch This Guy Slay in PUBG Mobile with Only One Hand

One hand PUBG feat.

PUBG Mobile has become one of the biggest games on the mobile platform. Players from all around the world are playing the game and have come up with new techniques to improve their efficiency. You might have heard about the “four-finger claw” control, however, I bet you have never heard about this “one-hand” control to play the game.

Shared by Redditor “marramax” in the PUBGMobile subreddit, the post includes a TikTok video of a guy playing PUBG Mobile. The post, titled “My guy plays with one hand”, shows the guy playing the game with a disabled left hand. He is using his left hand only to support the device in which he is playing. However, the right hand of the guy is truly a skilled one as he is seen to use it to play the game exceptionally well.

In the short 20-second video, the guy climbed on top of one of the trifecta buildings in “Military Base” and wiped out a duo with unreal movement and aiming skills. As the guy is only using his right hand, all the control buttons are at the top right corner of the screen. He is using his thumb to control the movement and aiming while using the knuckle of his index finger to fire, jump and prone. And he plays like a LEGEND!

Well, you can check out the video here.

Look, there are many players who use four-finger control to play the game and then there are players who use physical trigger buttons with their devices. This player shows that physical disability is not an excuse to achieve something you love and clearly this guy loves playing PUBG Mobile, just like all of us, right?

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  • Shoeib says:

    Mujhe bhi lo

  • lullaby says:

    genji from japan the 1st to play pubgM with 1hand

  • Keshav Patel says:

    As in the picture attached above it is clearly visible that there is a symbol in the centre of the screen which indicates to play the video

  • Verdade na cara says:

    Tem que mostrar minha gameplay jogando com 4 dedos, sendo eliminado toda hora porque o jogo trava mais que dvd ranhado de Playstation 2

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