GTA 6 Map Reportedly Teased in Official Poster

GTA 6 official poster
Image Courtesy: Rockstar Games
In Short
  • The official GTA 6 poster seems to hide the Vice City map of the game, according to some eagle-eyed fans.
  • Some fans zoomed in on a storefront glass and upscaled the image to reveal a map similar to GTA Vice City.
  • The design looks like it is from an under-development version of the Leonida map leaked earlier this year.

Ever since the official GTA 6 trailer dropped, rumors and findings around the game have become a daily topic of discussion on the internet. And in latest news, some Grand Theft Auto fans think they might have spotted the new Vice City map on the official GTA 6 poster shared by Rockstar. With the amount of dots people have connected from the leaks to the official trailer, we can assume this leak is an easter egg planted by Rockstar Games themselves.

Disclaimer: The content ahead is based on leaks and speculations. These details are not officially confirmed by Rockstar Games or any other affiliated source, so take them with a grain of salt.

GTA 6 Fans Think They’ve Found The Game’s Map

When the official poster of GTA 6 was released, fans took no time to find hidden details throughout the artwork. This resulted in a Twitter user @NikTekOfficial taking a deep dive into the posters that were pasted on the hotel walls on the right and found a hidden map. He managed to zoom in on a storefront glass and upscaled it to reveal a map pattern similar to the Vice City map leaked earlier this year.

Image Source: X/@NikTekOfficial

In this AI-enhanced version of the rumored map, we see different islands connected with bridges. As per the trailer, we know the game will be based on the state of Leonida. It is still not official or confirmed if Vice City will be the only major city from any early rumors.

Another GTA 6 fan page with the name @GTAVI_Countdown on X compared the spotted map pattern to a potential Vice City map pattern. In this picture, we also see the islands of real-life Miami aka Vice City scattered and surrounded by water.

While the map leak from the GTA 6 poster looks like a fan theory, we believe it might be a stretch to call it official unless confirmed by Rockstar. Moreover, the leaked storyline involving Lucia and her ankle monitor shown in the poster (the map being restricted initially) could just be another hint that Rockstar wants gamers to believe in for now.

Overall, we think even if the map was put there intentionally, it is an under-development version and there will be more changes when GTA 6 finally releases. This is similar to what Rockstar did with the early versions of GTA 5 and GTA 4 maps. Tell us your theory about the GTA 6 map in the comments below.

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