Will GTA 6 Require Facial Recognition to Play? Rumor Debunked

In Short
  • The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) proposed a new system where users would need to verify their age before buying mature-rated games.
  • This proposal sparked confusion, leading some to believe facial recognition would be required to purchase Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6).
  • Thankfully, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) rejected the facial recognition proposal, which means buying GTA 6 won't involve any facial scans.

As has gone on, GTA 6 has sunk deeper into controversies and fan theories. Whether it was the game costing over $2 billion to fund to outrageous claims, everyone has their take. One of the most persistent theories among them all is supposed GTA 6 facial recognition tech coming to the game. Many claim that players will need GTA 6 facial recognition to purchase or even play it. But how much of that is true? Well, keep reading as we discuss the entire GTA 6 facial recognition theory by breaking down everything we know about it.

Will GTA 6 Require Facial Recognition?

The biggest rumor floating around right now is that GTA 6 will require users to pass a facial recognition test before they buy it. This change apparently will be made by ESRB in an attempt to stop kids from buying GTA 6.

Thankfully, this GTA 6 facial recognition rumor has already been debunked. Despite earlier reports, a spokesperson of ESRB set the record straight with the media, explaining that the technology doesn’t scan players’ faces or enforce age restrictions for GTA 6. According to the spokesperson, “It only uses images to determine the subject’s age in order to ensure compliance with COPPA privacy requirements.” He further added:

“The ESRB does not intend to use facial age estimation to prevent children from purchasing restrictively rated games,”

So if you are looking for the answer in one sentence, then no GTA 6 will not need facial recognition to buy the game.

GTA 6 Facial Recognition Rumours ESRB Age Verification Rumors

The rumors first started with a video from MrBossFTW on YouTube that claimed kids would not be able to play GTA 6. According to reports, the ESRB age verification, made to safeguard kids from mature content was made to take a live snap of a user and use its AI detection to decide whether the kid is eligible for the purchase. However, the verification would only go through if parents consent to the mechanism.

After multiple misunderstandings, ESRB cleared the doubts and said the data and image would not be stored on the machine. In the US, selling M-rated games to minors isn’t illegal. The ESRB rating system acts as an industry standard for retailers, but there’s no law preventing a 12-year-old from buying Grand Theft Auto 5.

ESRB AI facial recognition
Image Courtesy: ESRB

According to the latest reports, FTC has declined the submission. However, they have not completely discarded the idea as the FTC said “when the Commission anticipates that additional information will be available to assist the Commission and the public in better understanding age verification technologies and the application.”

This means it is possible that we can see facial recognition could be a thing in the future. But for now, GTA 6 facial recognition will not be a thing. Well, unless FTC decides something else. Till then we can focus on talking on debating about the GTA 6 Bikini Girl and the GTA Trailer 2.

So, what is your take on this situation? Do you think facial recognition is needed for video game purchases? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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