GTA 6 Bikini Girl: Is It Lucia or Not?

In Short
  • The GTA 6 trailer has sparked a lot of fan theories, with a central focus on the woman in a white bikini.
  • Due to potential similarities, some fans believe the bikini girl is Lucia, the rumored protagonist.
  • Speculation suggests the bikini girl might be Lucia in disguise, possibly working undercover.

The GTA 6 trailer release has already sparked many speculations and fan theories. And we don’t blame you. As fellow gamers waiting for the sequel decades in the making, it’s understandable to have questions. However, one of the exciting discussion topics happened when people asked who the “GTA 6 bikini girl” was in the trailer. Although we have no solid proof or official statement, there are some theories for us to go by. So, let’s talk about the GTA 6 bikini girl.

Is the GTA 6 Bikini Girl Lucia?

As soon as the trailer dropped, the internet swarmed with the theory that Lucia was the bikini girl. While some gamers argued it was her, others didn’t seem to agree.

One of the most prominent discoveries was posted by a Reddit user u/KryperExpress, who compared shots of Lucia and the bikini girl. In these comparisons, we can notice the similar moles and freckles on both renders. While some users do not think it is precisely the same, there is another theory as to why it can be Lucia.

Lucia in GTA 6
Image Credits: Rockstar Games

As seen in the trailer, we know the game’s story will primarily be Lucia’s journey. However, this also means that her tale can take ten different directions. There is a possibility that Lucia could, at one point, pose as an undercover agent.

This explains why, while they have similarities, they do not look the same. Lucia may be disguised, using make-up and contact lenses like the bikini girl shown in the trailer.

Apart from the undercover agent theory, it is possible that Lucia has started getting rich, and the look is a cosmetic advancement. It is uncertain if Rockstar will showcase other random characters when the trailer solely focuses on Vice City and Lucia.

Trademark GTA Poster Girl?

While most fans think the GTA 6 bikini girl is Lucia, others believe otherwise. The biggest reason is that Rockstar does use NPCs as trademark posters for its franchise. It could be possible that Rockstar Games wants to show the poster girl briefly in the trailer.

However, an X user @NikTekOfficial has said, “I don’t think that Rockstar Games would make an NPC look this close to the main protagonist and show it in their Trailer.”

Although looks barely matter to some extent, some users may have gone too deep with their theories on X. This user, X @dlewis2415, points out that the body structure of Lucia shown in a specific scene with Jason will not match that of the bikini girl.

While the theories pile up, we can only wait for GTA 6 trailer 2 or any official confirmation. Who do you think the bikini girl is in the GTA 6 trailer? Tell us in the comments below.

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