This Actor Could Be Voicing Jason in GTA 6

Gregory Joseph Connors GTA 6 protagonist leaked cover
Image Courtesy: IMDB, Rockstar Games
In Short
  • According to a Gamerant report, Gregory Joseph Connors might be the lead protagonist, Jason.
  • In his actor resume, Connors stated that he is working in a lead role on a Rockstar Games project.
  • Connors can also be the lead antagonist, according to the speculations in the 2025 release game.

Rockstar Games is one company that, besides being pressured by gamers, will not disclose any information regarding GTA 6. While we have little to go on regarding who will voice the main characters in the game, a recent report might finally tell us more.

The report comes via Game Rant, which conducted its own investigation into the game. According to the report, Gregory Joseph Connors might be voicing Jason in GTA 6.

In a study of the actor’s resume, Gamerant found that the New York-based stage and screen actor has a lead role in the Rockstar Games project in his profile. Furthermore, the resume also mentions that the game he’s leading is planned to be released in 2025, which strangely coincides with GTA 6.

The IMDB acting credits of Connors also see a pretty suspicious gap in the entirety of 2023. It is known that the game studios bring in the voice actors during the end part of the game’s development.

Connors and Jason Face comparison
Image Courtesy: IMDB, Rockstar Games

However, if we go by the looks of Jason in the GTA 6 trailer, Connors does not fit the facial looks of the anticipated protagonist. This raises doubts about a potential heel turn. Connors might play the villain’s role, as the resume mentions only playing a lead character.

While Rockstar has yet to comment on any of the GTA 6 speculations, to be a lead in the Grand Theft Auto game, the actor must have significant screen time.

This won’t be the first time mainstream actors will play a lead role in video games. Earlier, we saw Samuel L. Jackson’s Officer Tenpenny from GTA: San Andreas in a lead role, too. So, Connors, being a 37-year-old veteran in the acting world, will be exciting to see if he plays a protagonist or antagonist role.

Could Be a False Alarm

While actors do not add false acting roles to their resumes, Rockstar Games is pretty strict with its NDA. It could be possible that the resume update was a mere accident by the actor. The doubts double up when we compare the looks in particular. We have seen it in GTA 5. Michael resembles actor Ned Luke, and Trevor or Franklin also resembles their voice actors.

Although it is early to judge, as we barely hear or see much of Jason, we already know Troy Baker is not Jason in GTA 6. We also have speculations that Manni L. Perez is the voice of Lucia, the female protagonist in GTA 6.

Do you think Gregory Joseph Connors will be the lead protagonist in GTA 6? Or do you want to see him as an antagonist? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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