Google to Launch Google Drive And Google+ Comments in April

Google to Launch Google Drive And Google+ Comments in AprilThis April Google is going to launch much anticipated Google Drive or GDrive which is Google’s version of Dropbox.

GDrive is expected to offer 1 GB free space only which is less than Dropbox 2GB free and 5GB free.

Also Google+ will move one step ahead with the launch of Google+ comments according to discussion at the Google event G-Saudi Arabia. Google+ comments will definitely be tied to SEO and hence comments via  Disqus, Livefyre and Facebook will suffer.

How Google Drive will Affect its Competitors ?

1.  Providing service at cheaper cost will be the key factor for GDrive.

2.  Google have Google Docs to edit files right within the service (DropBox does not).

3.  Add all email attachments directly to GDrive (no more uploading).

Google have got all the ingredients for a better cloud storage service, all they need to do is to put it together in a well managed way.

How Google+ Comments will Affect its Competitors ?

1.  The biggest and only reason to use Google+ comments is that they will be better indexed by Google, hence Facebook, Disqus and all other third party commenting platforms will suffer.

With the launch of  “Search, plus your world” Google made it clear that Google+ will act as an important factor for SEO and hence people concerned about SEO will have to use it, whether they want it or not.

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