Google Lens May Soon Get a Math Solver Mode

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Problem-solving apps help students study efficiently and there are a lot of dedicated apps such as Microsoft Math Solver, for instance, to help you with it. It appears like Google is working to integrate this functionality right into Google Lens.

According to code evidence found in an APK teardown of the latest Google app beta done by 9to5Google, Google lens may soon have a Math equation mode with the solution and the methodology used to arrive at the solution. While Google Lens offers several features like the ability to let you copy text from images, this feature would be more appealing to students.

A couple of years back, Google acquired a learning-app based startup named Socratic that gained AI capabilities for efficient problem-solving last year. Hence, it won’t be surprising to see the company inherit some of the features of Socratic and integrate them into Lens.

The report also notes that the feature could either be integrated into the “Auto” mode of Google Lens or could exist independently as a separate mode. However, given the significance of the feature, we could expect the company to dedicate a separate mode to let students easily access it. We will have to wait until the feature goes live in the upcoming beta versions to know that for sure.

Either way, this will be a neat addition if Google manages to implement it seamlessly without compromising on accuracy. Given the company’s expertise in AI, this is likely to benefit a lot of students and might end up being one of the most useful features of Google Lens.

SOURCE 9to5Google
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