Google’s Generative AI Can Now Summarize Articles for You

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Even though artificial intelligence has gone a bit cold in the latter half of 2023, companies continue to ramp up their efforts to deliver new features to their users. While companies like OpenAI make efforts using GPT-4, Google has instead poured its efforts into Generative AI Search. The company has now strengthened Google SGE even further as it can now summarize articles while you browse them. Learn all about it, including some other new features below.

Google SGE Summarizes Web Pages in Chrome

In an official blog post, Rany NG, the VP of Product Management, Search, talked about this new feature that’s called SGE While Browsing. This new browsing feature is aimed at breaking down web pages and topics into a few specific details for keen understanding. According to Google, the feature was developed as a way “specifically designed to help people more deeply engage with long-form content from publishers and creators.”

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No extra steps will be required for users to access this feature. Google mentions that on some web pages users visit, they can tap to see an AI-generated list of the key points of an article. This will be supplemented by links that will jump to the exact paragraph they are talking about. “SGE While Browsing” will also have a separate section called “Explore on Page” to host a series of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the article. Paywalled articles, however, are safe as SGE, While Browsing won’t apply to them.

Release and Availability

Google’s “SGE While Browsing” is available to all Google Labs users with access to the insider program. All you need to do is head over to Google Labs and toggle the feature on.

However, do make sure that Google Chrome is fully updated. While the service is live on the Android and iOS apps, it will come on Chrome for desktops soon enough.

Google’s Generative AI Can Now Summarize Articles for You

Google has also bolstered generative AI search with other handy features, including the ability to preview definitions and even see diagrams on the topics. Programmers will also find solace as generative search now easily understand and debug generated code. This includes syntax highlighting with color coding amid other changes.

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