Google Gemini to Support Music Streaming Apps Soon

Google Gemini to Support Music Streaming Apps Soon
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In Short
  • An option to choose your default music streaming platform is coming soon to Gemini.
  • Gemini Settings will soon get a "Music" option in settings which will "allow you to choose your default media provider."
  • There's no exact date but the feature should roll out in the coming weeks.

It’s been a while since Google rolled out Gemini to Android devices. While its generative AI and integration with Google’s suite of apps is commendable, it has lacked integration with music-streaming apps. The good news is, that Gemini will soon allow users to select a default music streaming app.

Popular leaker Assemble Debug via Piunika Web spotted the feature hidden inside Gemini Settings. This feature lets you “Choose your default media provider”. According to its description, the Music option in Gemini settings allows you to “Select preferred services used to play music”.

Although the “Choose your default media provider” screen may appear empty right now, Google could soon add a list of popular music streaming apps to it. Doing so will help users select a streaming app as the default service. This will allow Gemini to start accepting commands related to music streaming, like “Play my liked songs”.

Google Gemini Music Streaming Settings
Image Courtesy: Assemble Debug on X

Google Assistant, on the other hand, has supported this feature for years, and it’s one of the features keeping users from switching to Gemini. Google’s AI chatbot couldn’t execute Reminders and Google Maps-related commands until recently.

Besides AssembleDebug also reports that Google is working on adding a “Real-time responses” toggle. This would allow Gemini to, well, send out responses in real-time rather than taking the time to process and then send out the output.

It looks like the current Gemini is far off from the ideal that Google wants it to be but the pace at which Google’s adding new features, combined with Google merging its AI and hardware teams, should allow faster feature development and seeding to devices.

What are your thoughts on Gemini? Do you like the same better or is Google Assitant still set as your default assistant app? What feature would make you switch to Gemini instead? Let us know in the comments below.

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