Google’s Alleged Foldable Phone Could Be Called Pixel Notepad

google pixel fold on track to launch later in 2021

Google has been rumored to join the foldable smartphone bandwagon for a while now. Allegedly referred to as the Google Pixel Fold, we have heard a lot about this upcoming smartphone – its possible codenames, the expected cancellation, and more. The latest information turns the focus on its possible official name and design.

Google’s Foldable Phone Name Revealed

As per evidence found in the latest Android 12L Beta 2 (via 9to5Google), Google is highly expected to call its foldable phone the Pixel Notepad. It was previously expected to be called Logbook but turns out, it might stick to Notepad instead of going for the obvious Pixel Fold epithet.

This differs from the usual naming scheme Google follows for its phones, which employs numbers for the flagships and the “a” suffix for affordable Pixels. Considering it went for the new Pixel 6 Pro name this year, a new name for its first-ever foldable phone seems doable.

Google’s Pixel Notepad May be Similar to Oppo Find N

Besides the name, the Google Pixel foldable phone’s possible design has also been revealed. Android 12L Beta 2 features new animations, which showcase how to insert a SIM in a foldable phone. From the looks of it, it appears to be a reference to Google’s foldable smartphone (the code shows the codename Pipit, which is claimed to belong to it) in a compact form factor.

google pixel foldable phone design leaked

It is expected to boast a compact design, which will open like a book, much like the recently launched Oppo Find N. Hence, there are chances that Google will go for a smaller screen size, as opposed to the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

In addition, the Google foldable phone is also expected to cost much less than the Galaxy Z Fold 3, as per the report. Maybe, Google might want to target an affordable akin to that of the Galaxy Z Flip 3. It remains to be seen what the company’s ultimate plan is. While its availability remains unknown, Pixel Notepad is likely that it will be made available in the US first, and will then reach other markets. Its availability in India is not confirmed.

Additionally, the foldable phone is likely to be powered by the Google Tensor chipset, much like the Pixel 6 phones, but might go for an inferior camera setup. It still is a matter of secret as to when Google plans to launch its foldable phone, but it could happen by the end of this year.

Since Google is yet to reveal details on this front, it’s best to wait for those details and take the aforementioned with a grain of salt. We will keep you updated on this, so keep on reading

SOURCE 9To5Google
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