Google Pledges to Ditch Single-Use Plastic in Its Device Packaging by 2025

Google to ditch plastic by 2025 feat.

The environment, as we all know, has been going down a hill for quite a long time now. As a result, we have seen several major companies in the world come forward to pledge their support to saving the environment. Recently, Google also jumped the bandwagon and pledged to ship all their hardware products in completely plastic-free packaging in the coming years.

The announcement came from the hardware team of the Mountain View-based tech giant. According to the announcement, Google will be upping its hardware packaging game and will ensure that all “Made by Google” hardware comes in plastic-free and recyclable packaging by 2025.

Now, since Google launched the original Pixel back in 2016, the company has already eradicated many plastic elements from the boxes of its devices. However, there are various parts of a device packaging in which we can still find single-use plastic. For instance, the outer covering of the actual box and the little clips which hold the cables together are all made of plastic.

So, the company pledged to remove even the tiniest plastic component from the boxes of its hardware devices to make them 100% plastic-free. Moreover, as the future boxes will be 100% recyclable too, it will be much easier for recyclers to convert these boxes into other reusable products.

“We’ll continue to keep all shipping of Made by Google hardware to and from our direct customers 100 percent carbon neutral. And we want to take things a step further by ensuring that the product box itself is sustainable and recyclable, removing headaches for the recyclers who process it. So by 2025, we’re committing to making our product packaging 100 percent plastic-free and 100 percent recyclable. We’ve already made a reduction in plastic use in our packaging since 2016, but we have a lot of hard work ahead in order to meet this new goal. To get us there, we need to uncover alternative, recyclable materials that will still protect our products. It’ll take partnering with our suppliers, tinkering in the lab, and sharing learnings across the industry, but we’ll get there.”, wrote the hardware division of Google.

Now, this is not the only step Google is taking to protect our environment. We recently came to know that the company used 100% recycled aluminum in the latest Pixel 5 devices. Moreover, the company uses recycled materials in most of its products to make them environment-friendly.

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