Gamer Loses Life After Mistakenly Consuming Chemical While Playing PUBG Mobile

Gamer Loses Life After Mistakenly Consuming Chemical While Playing PUBG Mobile

Today, we have yet another story of mobile game addiction causing harm to life. A 20-year old man reportedly consumed a “jewellery-polishing chemical” mistaking it for water while playing popular battle royale game PUBG Mobile.

As per the Agra Cantonment Government Railway Police (GRP), the deceased young man Saurabh Yadav was on a journey to Agra with his friend Santosh Sharma, an ornament-dealer.

Both of these friends shared a bag in which they kept all their belongings. Little did Sharma know that the chemical he uses to polish jewellery would lead to this tragic incident.

“According to Santosh, the deceased was busy playing PUBG on his mobile phone while traveling. Reportedly, he was so occupied that instead of taking out the water bottle, he mistakenly took out the bottle of chemical and drank from it without checking,” said Vijay Singh, in-charge GRP station, Agra Cantt railway station.

Right after the chemical consumption, Yadav’s health condition deteriorated and he collapsed near Morena, a place between Agra and Gwalior. By the time the train reached the nearest railway station, Yadav had already passed away. Mr. Singh anticipates the post-mortem report to get more clarity in this unfortunate event.

This incident reflects the addiction the youth has over smartphone games. While it is normal to spend time playing video games with your friends, losing track and becoming unaware of the surroundings could lead to such mishappenings causing real-world impacts.

The next time you immerse yourself in a video game, keep this incident in mind and be very conscious of what you’re consuming as some mistakes are too costly and there is no respawning in the real world unless you get lucky with timely medical attention.

VIA News18
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