Galaxy Fold will Reportedly Launch Around the iPhone 11

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The Galaxy Fold saga is very interesting. Samsung announced the phone alongside the Galaxy S10 line-up to a lot of hype and fanfare, and the phone has since seen a bunch of delays and issues.

First, there were reports from journalists and reviewers about breaking Galaxy Fold displays and faulty units, after which Samsung promptly announced that it’ll fix the problems and stick to the launch timeline. Since then, it has been delayed a couple of times, and now, Samsung has fixed it and has recently announced that it will finally launch in September.

While Samsung didn’t announce a specific date in September, a new report from Korean outlet, The Investor, claims that the device will be launched in South Korea on September 18, 19, or 20, based on South Korean telecom communications with Samsung.

Those dates fall right in line with the usual launch timeline for the iPhone, which is usually held in the first half of September.

Whether Samsung did this on purpose is something that we can’t say with certainty, but it does look like the South Korean giant doesn’t want to attract too much media scrutiny of its fixed, and basically re-launched Galaxy Fold.

Samsung, for its part, is producing the Galaxy Fold in huge numbers, with South Korean analysts claiming that the device will sell around 100,000 units in South Korea, which is a substantial number for a device like this, especially after it has already suffered multiple extraordinary failures.

The company has tried to fix the phone, with reinforced hinges, and reduced gaps to ensure debris doesn’t get inside the folding mechanism of the smartphone, but whether or not that makes an actual difference in the real world remains to be seen.

SOURCE The Investor (Korean)
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