Secret Invasion: What are Frost Beasts and Super Skrull References

With the release of the third episode of Marvel’s Secret Invasion, the presence of Super Skrulls is now confirmed in this Disney Plus series. However, in the second episode of the series, we saw Talos’ daughter G’iah researching the enhancement of Skrulls on a computer at a hideout. During her investigation, we see a number of aliens appear on the screen, whose DNA samples are being tested by the Skrulls. In those DNA samples, we saw the name of an entity named Frost Beasts, who appeared earlier in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) as well. With that said, the question arises what are Frost Beasts, and how do they fit in the MCU? Let’s find out in this article.

What are Frost Beasts in Marvel’s Secret Invasion?

Frost Beasts are giant mammalian-reptile creatures native to Loki’s birth realm, Jotunheim. These creatures are marked by their incredible physical capabilities, including their speed, strength, size, and the ability to move efficiently even on upside-down surfaces.

Frost Beasts are also incredibly sustainable as they can stay frozen for a long period of time and still not die. With these abilities, they are also able to withstand attacks from Laufey’s soldiers and Frost Giants alike while devouring them like nothing.

Previous References of Frost Beasts in the MCU

Frost Beast chasing birds
Frost Beast in post-credit scenes of Thor: The Dark World

Frost Beasts first appeared in Thor (2011) when Laufey rose one of these beasts from its stasis to kill Loki, Thor, Sif, and The Warriors Three for Infiltrating Jotunheim. It was soon put down by Thor, with the God of Thunder propelling himself with his hammer through the monster’s head. The Frost Beast appeared next in Thor: The Dark World (2013) when it was disturbed by the battle between Thor and Malekith, and it was accidentally teleported to London by the Bifrost Bridge.

In the post-credit scenes of Thor: The Dark World, we see one of the Frost Beasts is left behind on Earth, chasing birds in a parking lot. This presence also hints at how the Skrulls were able to gather Frost Beast’s DNA. They most probably hunted down this left-behind beast and took his blood samples.

Frost Beast Appears in Marvel’s Secret Invasion

DNA list in Secret Invasion episode 2

In Marvel’s Secret Invasion episode 2, during G’iah’s investigation, we see a number of extraterrestrial beings and their DNA sample data appearing on the screen. This discovery leads us to the possibility that the DNA of this beast, including the likes of Groot as well, could be used to create Super Skrulls by Gravik’s Skrull-enhancing machine. Read about all Super Skrull abilities right here.

In the third episode of Secret Invasion, we saw Gravik healing his hand using Extremis Virus after he was stabbed by Talos. In the trailer of Marvel’s Secret Invasion, we have already seen Gravik use Groot-like powers and who knows, later on, we might get to see a Skrull turn into one of these infamous beasts and chase Nick Fury.

As of now, all we can do is speculate and make assumptions to find out if the appearance of Frost Beast in Secret Invasion was just an easter egg or an upcoming, full-fledged element in the series. To learn about when and where to stream this series, go through our Secret Invasion Episode guide linked here.

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