Marvel’s Secret Invasion: Super Skrull Powers Explained

With the release of episode 3 of Marvel’s Secret Invasion, we have got a lot to unpack and have made several new discoveries about Gravik, the villain in this series. In the latest episode, we see Gravik inspecting the Skrull-enhancing machine and telling other members of his council that he wants Skrulls to have superhuman abilities calling them Super Skrulls. Doesn’t this revelation make you curious about what those powers could be? I am sure it does, so don’t you worry; to exterminate that bug of curiosity, I present you with all the Super Skrull abilities we know about till now in Secret Invasion.

Secret Invasion: Inspiration for Super Skrull Powers

Fantastic Four #18 cover
Source: Marvel Fandom

In the year 1963, the first-ever appearance of Super Skrulls was marked by The Fantastic Four comic #18. In the comic, Skrulls were up against the Fantastic Four but were not able to defeat them because of the superhuman capabilities of the Fantastic Four. So, to counter them, the Skrulls tried to replicate the powers of the Fantastic Four to create the first-ever Super Skrull, named Kl’rt the Super Skrull.

Now, let’s take a look at the superpowers of the Fantastic Four.

  1. The first one is Mr. Fantastic, his power being able to stretch to inhuman extents.
  2. Next, we have the Invisible woman, and her power was Invisibility.
  3. Next on the list is The Thing, and his special ability was super strength.
  4. The last among the Fantastic Four is the Human Torch, who has fire-generation abilities.

Secret Invasion: Gravik’s Powers (Up to Episode 3)

Image courtesy: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

Up until Episode 3, we have seen the following two of Gravik’s Super Skrull powers in Secret Invasion:

1. Groot-Like Powers

If we talk about Gravik’s powers that we have seen so far in the Secret Invasion series, the trailer showed Groot-like powers displayed by Gravik as he extended his arm in a branch-like form. Rings a bell? This power of Gravik is a direct reference to Mr. Fantastic’s elasticity, imitated initially by the first Super Skrull, Kl’rt.

2. Extremis Powers

The third episode of Secret Invasion introduced us to his regenerative powers, granted to him by the Extremis virus. If you remember Iron Man 3, you must be familiar with Aldrich Killian, who used the Extremis virus to enhance himself and get regenerative abilities similar to what Gravik was seen flexing in the third episode.

Although Aldrich was also shown using fire generation as a weapon, which we haven’t seen Gravik do yet. We might see Gravik flexing his fire-generating powers in future Secret Invasion episodes. This will also directly reference the Fantastic Four’s Human Torch, which also possesses fire-generating powers.

Secret Invasion: Upcoming Super Skrull Powers

Super Skrull using Fantastic four like abilities
Image Courtesy: Marvel Official YouTube channel

Seeing Frost Beasts and Cull Obsidian on the list of DNA samples in Secret Invasion episode 2, we can speculate on the upcoming Super Skrull powers that Gravik and the other Skrulls could possess.

1. Super Strength

Marvel Studios can present the Skrulls using the DNA of Frost Beasts to replicate the superhuman strength of The Thing from Fantastic Four, as depicted in the comics.

2. Invisibility

Gravik can also be presented using the mystical DNA of Cull Obsidian to recreate the Invisible Woman’s powers of invisibility.

Right now, all we can do is take a guess based on the comic references and the current plot of the Secret Invasion TV series on Disney+. But to know exactly what powers Gravik and the other Skrulls will be seen wielding, we’ll have to wait for the fourth episode, which will stream on 12 July 2023

Featured image courtesy: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment

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