The First Android 15 Developer Preview is Here

In Short
  • Android 15 Developer Preview 1 is now rolling out.
  • It mostly brings privacy and security-related features, and a few QoL improvements.
  • DP1 is available on Pixel 6 and above devices.

It may not feel like a long time has passed since Android 14‘s release, and it’s true; It’s only been four months. Google readies the first Developer Preview of its next Android version in February and Google is now pushing the first version of the next major Android update, Android 15. While the update doesn’t bring significant changes, it should pave the way for future Developer Preview releases and Betas. Here’s everything you need to know about Android 15 Developer Preview 1.

Android 15 Developer Preview 1 Changelog

Google’s main focus in DP1 is on Privacy and Security with features like the latest version of the AdServices module featuring Privacy Sandbox APIs, the FileIntegrityManager class adding new APIs from Linux Kernel’s fs-verity feature, and Partial Screen Sharing. Here’s a complete changelog of new changes and features in Android 15 DP1.

Android 15 vanilla ice cream
Image Courtesy: Mohit Singh/Beebom
  • The latest version of the AdServices module featuring Privacy Sandbox APIs.
  • FileIntegrityManager class adding new APIs from Linux Kernel’s fs-verity feature.
  • Partial Screen Sharing
  • A new Camera2 API that lets apps boost the brightness of the camera preview.
  • Improved Android Dynamic Performance Framework by adding a new power-efficiency mode that lets apps choose power saving over performance to let the CPU/GPU adjust frequencies accordingly.
  • New OpenJDK APIs related to NIO buffers, streams, security, and more.
  • New keyboard vibration toggle in settings
  • Notification cooldown lowers the notification volume when you get too many notifications from the same app at once.

If Google follows the same schedule it did with Android 14 Developer Previews and Betas, there will be two Developer Previews and five Betas. The search giant may also release hotfixes to squash any excessive bugs as the DPs and Beta are usually full of bugs and app crashes.

Android 15 should reach Platform Stability in June 2024, and the testing should end by October with Google finally releasing the stable build. As for the upcoming features, it’s too early to tell; however, you can read our wishlist of features we want to see in Android 15.

What are your thoughts on Android 15? What features do you expect Google to implement until its stable release? Let us know in the comments section below.

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