Dyson V15 Vacuum Cleaner Comes with a Green Laser & Reveals How Dusty Your Home Is

Dyson v15 detect vacuum with laser

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, you really cannot beat the OG pioneers of modern vacuums. Well, if you are not living under a rock, Dyson is known for its futuristic and out-of-the-box approach for home-focused and self-care care products. We have seen the UK-based tech giant come up with super-advanced hair straighteners and robotic vacuum cleaners with actual tank tracks. Now, they have treaded on the same path when it comes to their upcoming V15 Detect vacuum cleaner that comes with a green laser. What’s its use? You will find out soon.

Dyson V15 Detect with Laser Beams

The Dyson V15 Detect is a cordless vacuum that comes with a laser. The company says that the green laser exposes dust particles that cannot be detected with the naked eye, so you know that your home is not just clean but “Monica clean” (Friends fan, anyone?).

Another cool thing about this vacuum is that it has an LCD display that shows the approximate size and amount of dust particles that are going inside in real-time.

Dyson v15 detect vacuum with laserThe company also claims that the sensor which is responsible for this tracking will also increase suction when it detects more dust particles. It also has an “anti-tangle conical brush bar” and it is meant to prevent hair from getting stuck in the vacuum.

Coming back to the showstopper, the laser is green in color and the company said it chose this color for “its ability to provide the best contrast” and it is positioned within the head of the cleaner “precisely at a 1.5-degree angle, 7.2 mm off the ground.” The laser is meant for hard surfaces and its effectiveness may vary by ambient light conditions, debris type, and surface.

Dyson v15 detect vacuum with laser

Price and Availability

Apart from their futuristic design, you know what else is Dyson known for? Their steep prices. So, as usual, the Dyson V15 Detect will run you down for a whopping $699 (~Rs. 50,832).

You can check out James Dyson detail the V15 Detect in an official YouTube video right below.

The company, along with the Dyson V15 Detect, is also launching two other vacuums in the coming week. One is called the Dyson Outsize, also cordless that costs $799 (~Rs 57,999). The other one is the Dyson Omniglide, which is a vacuum with a flexible head and is great for getting into those tough corners. It comes with a pocket-pinch of $399 (~Rs. 28,999).

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