DU Battery Saver for Android Review: Fix Battery Woes on Android

While there has been a lot of innovations on the charging front in the Android world with features like fast charging, wireless charging etc., things haven’t changed much when it comes to batteries. Yes, the smartphone makers are equipping phones with larger batteries but the battery woes are still a problem. Well, this is where a battery saving app comes into play. While there are a ton of battery saver apps available on the Play Store, not all of them are worth recommending. However, if there’s one app that’s worth it, it has to be the DU Battery Saver app (free).

The DU Battery Saver app is a highly popular offering that brings some really cool battery management features. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s review the DU Battery Saver app and find out if it’s worth all the fame.

Key Features

DU Battery Saver brings a number of cool features, so let’s take a look at the best ones:

  • One-touch Battery Optimization

The DU Battery Saver app automatically lists down problems that might be affecting battery life on your device. And the good thing is, the app lets you optimize things with a single touch. Once you do that, the app even tells you how much battery life you’ve extended on your smartphone.


  • Smart Modes

DU Battery Saver features three preset modes to make sure you can customize your battery usage to the hilt. There’s Prolong, General, Sleep and My Mode. As the name suggests, “My Mode” features you current settings and you can always create a new custom mode with options and settings enabled or disabled according to your choice, to make the most out of your device’s battery.


  • Phone Cooler

Now, this is something you will definitely appreciate if you are using a modern day Android smartphone, as most of them tend to heat up while playing extensive games or doing operations that require CPU usage. That is a problem a number of people are facing. Thankfully, DU Battery Saver brings a cool “Phone Cooler” option that monitors, manages and disables CPU intensive apps to reduce the temperature on your phone to normal levels and safeguard your device’s hardware.


  • Battery Monitor and Saving

It’s obvious for a battery saver app to feature a battery monitor and the DU Battery Saver app is no exception. The app lists down the battery taken up by all apps and reminds you of apps consuming the most battery. It also makes sure to detect and stop apps that reside in the notification shade. You can check out the usage and decide if you want to kill an app or just disable it for a while, if you really want to retain some battery life.


Also, the app features what it calls the “Aurora” engine, which automatically scans and closes notorious apps that keep running in the background. The app also brings a very cool Task-Killer widget, which makes optimizing the power consumption a lot more easier.

  • Charging Manager

DU Battery Saver also features a cool charging manager, which displays charge status in real time along with accurate remaining charge time. It even shows you when there’s fast charging and trickle charging, so that you can always charge your Android device in a healthy manner.


  • PRO Features

While the above mentioned features are available for free, there’s also a cool DU Battery Saver Pro version ($2.99), which brings some really unique features. The Pro version brings the ability to auto-clear apps even when the device is locked. There are other features like mode scheduling, network control and ability to lower CPU frequency when the device is idle. You can either get the PRO version from the Play Store or you can earn DU coins to buy features from the app itself. You can earn these coins by doing tasks like installing apps.


User Interface

Even with a number of features packed in the app, DU Battery Saver manages to look clean while offering a modern interface. The home page of the app shows you the estimated remaining battery life along with the “Optimize” button to extend you battery life in a jiffy. It also features buttons to check out various options like Mode, Smart, Cooler, Charge, Monitor, and Boost. There’s also a hamburger menu, which features options to enable DU Swipe, which is nothing but gestures to trigger the battery saving optimizing. There are are also options to change the skin of the app, customize switches etc. and dive into the settings of the app.


All the pages inside the app feature a cool mostly Blue color pallete, which certainly makes up for a really polished look. Overall, the DU Battery Saver app might not follow Material Design guidelines but it still rocks a suave look.

Ease of Use

Thanks to the streamlined interface, the app works wonderfully well, as the options are easy to find. Plus, the app works wonderfully, with the optimize button and other features like cooler, various modes etc. working like a charm. While it’s all good, we don’t like the default barrage of notifications or the lockscreen it brings. Sure, you can turn it off but doing that can be cumbersome, considering the options are hidden in the settings page. Also, we are not fans of app recommendations. Having said that, the app lets users unlock paid features through app recommendations, so it’s not as bad as other apps.


To sum things up, apart from the minor niggles, the DU Battery Saver app is easy to use and its features work great, which makes it a recommendable app.


  • Impressive one-touch optimization
  • Great battery saving features
  • Clean user interface
  • Unlock Pro features with DU coins


  • Overwhelming at times
  • Default notifications can be annoying

Ready to fix your Android device’s battery woes with DU Battery Saver

When it comes to our verdict, the DU Battery Saver is an amazing battery saver app. We quite liked the features, the user interface looks great and it all works like a charm, so what’s not to like. So, if you are looking for a battery saver app for your Android smartphone or tablet, you should definitely check out the DU Battery Saver app. Do try it out and let us know how you like it in the comments section below.


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