This Developer Is Having Way Too Much Fun With His Amazon Echo

Amazon in Talks with Brands to Push Ads Through Echo Smart Speakers

Amazon’s Echo lineup of smart speakers are the most widely used in the market right now with competitors like Google Home (Mini, and Max) all struggling to keep up. One of the reasons why Alexa is leading the market right now is the developer support it is getting. Amazon has made it relatively easy to create skills for Alexa, and developers are making full use of it with a wide array of skills available on the platform.

While most developers are creating skills to make users’ lives easier, there is one developer who is apparently just doing it for laughs. Jamie Grossman, a developer who probably has a lot of time on his hands, has been programming his Echo devices to do some pretty hilarious stuff that he posts on his YouTube channel.

His channel is full of videos that are really about nothing important, but are still probably more worthy of your time than whatever is on your Trending page right now.

For example, this video where an Echo fights with an Echo Show over the pronunciation of ‘Aluminum’:

Or this video where Alexa clearly misses the point of study music:

How about this one, where Alexa has no chill:

There’s one where Alexa gets insecure of the Google Home:

And one with the sick burn that Alexa just gave him:

There are a lot of other gems on Jamie’s YouTube Channel, and I definitely recommend you check it out for laughs. He has also started a channel dedicated to Alexa development, so if you’re itching to make some interesting stuff for the Alexa ecosystem, you can head over to his other YouTube Channel for some how-tos and guides.

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