CES 2024: The Samsung Music Frame Speaker Turns Audio into Aesthetic

samsung music frame speaker launched at CES 2024
Image Courtesy: Samsung
In Short
  • Samsung has launched the Music Frame Speaker at CES 2024. This is an excellent home decor addition.
  • Samsung Music Frame Speaker features high-fidelity audio and it's also a showpiece for your art pieces and photographs.
  • This speaker is wireless, connecting via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It can also sync with Samsung TV speakers for incredible bass & surround sound.

It seems Samsung has caught onto the massive success of its Frame TV. The company has now launched an all-new Music Frame speaker at CES 2024. This is a very cool home-decor-enhancing Bluetooth speaker and is an expansion of the company’s Frame series that adds decor and entertainment simultaneously.

The all-new Samsung Music Frame speaker unveiled at CES 2024 lets you showcase your photos or artful pieces in an aesthetic picture frame. Of course, the Music Frame Speaker (Model HW-S60D) functions as a wireless Bluetooth speaker, too. This speaker also supports Dolby Atmos audio.

Samsung Frame Speaker

The speaker is powered by Samsung SpaceFit tech. This optimizes audio quality to provide a wide range of sound. It supports custom-tuned optimization according to the room the speaker is placed in. The speaker is packed by two woofers, two tweeters, and two mid-range drivers.

The main feature is still the aesthetics of this product. It blends into the environment and essentially acts like an invisible speaker that serves the dual purpose of being a showpiece! The new Music Frame speaker will be completely customizable once it launches.

samsung speaker frame launched at ces 2024, back design
Image Courtesy: Samsung

This Samsung Music Frame Speaker (HW-S60D) also supports pairing with the company’s TV Speakers. This is possible through the company’s Q-Symphony technology, which syncs the television speakers to any additional compatible audio output device for a home-theater-like experience.

When Q-Symphony is used on a Music Frame Speaker (paired with a Samsung TV & soundbar), the result is enhanced bass & better surround sound! This speaker connects through either a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection.

Samsung Music Frame Speaker: Price & Availability

Samsung has only unveiled the Music Frame Speaker at CES 2024. The company has not confirmed what the price will be or when it is available. Hopefully, the Music Frame Speaker will launch this year itself.

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