CES 2024: Samsung’s Ballie AI Robot Has a Projector, Feeds Pets, and Even Follows You!

samsung ballie ai robot at ces 2024
Image Courtesy: Samsung
In Short
  • Samsung Ballie AI robot has been upgraded with advanced features and now gets a projector. It was previously shown back in 2020.
  • At CES 2024, Samsung showed Ballie as a device that can feed your pet, patrol the house, help you with household work, and more.
  • No pricing and availability details are available for now.

Samsung showed us a robot back in CES 2020, but now, at CES 2024, the Ballie AI Robot has evolved with the latest features, making it much more advanced than before. Now, the Ballie AI robot is touted as an ‘AI companion robot’ for your home.

As shown in the demo video, the Ballie AI robot has many features. It has a new projector which can display content. Samsung Ballie AI robot can move around your home space and complete all sorts of household tasks. In a new video, Ballie was seen reporting to its Galaxy homeowner about the state of the house. Ballie told the user that it is currently patrolling the house.

This points us towards Ballie potentially being able to act as a security layer for your house. Assumably, you can ask it to check up on various spaces of your house (living room, kitchen, or the kid’s room). Then, it can notify you on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone what is happening in that area.

samsung ballie ai robot at ces 2024 has a pet care mode
Image Courtesy: Samsung

After reporting on patrolling the house, the Ballie robot told its Galaxy homeowner ‘I am now checking up on Cooper’. The user asked Ballie to feed the dog and show him a video, and the robot actually did this seamlessly with the built-in projector. With AI, I guess there is no need to feed your pet anymore since you can ask your personal AI robot to do that every day.

Household tasks also get easier as Ballie is able to easily automate and turn on all kinds of appliances and devices before the user arrives. It even shows a nice greeting message when they come back home.

samsung ballie ai robot at ces 2024 has fitness mate mode

Samsung also says the Ballie AI robot can work with other smart home devices. It also has a feature to help you exercise, known as ‘Fitness mate.’ Overall, it is quite featureful and can reduce the workload of your household tasks.

If I had this AI robot (and tons of other smart home devices) I would perhaps save hours every day since this can handle plenty of ‘household work’. You can even take calls with the Ballie robot.

Ballie can also function as an addition to your home office setup. In that mode, Samsung showed a use case where Ballie projected another screen through its projector for enhanced multitasking. Even as a simple assistant for your house, this makes a lot of sense.

Speaking of pricing & availability, we do not have any details at the moment. But the tech seems mature. While there might be various things left to iron out, I expect Samsung to launch the Ballie AI robot finally as a smart home product for consumers in 1-2 years. I hope to see more smart home devices like this come out this year. Samsung’s implementation was super exciting to see at CES 2024!

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SOURCE Samsung Newsroom
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