CES 2024: The LG Signature OLED T Is a Transparent TV and We Are in Awe

lg signature oled t transparent television announced at ces 2024
Image Courtesy: LG Electronics
In Short
  • LG Signature OLED T is a new transparent television featuring self-lit pixel technology bringing a super slim design.
  • It is a consumer product, and previously this tech has been used in commercial solutions.
  • Pricing and specifications have not been revealed as of yet, but the LG Signature OLED T should launch later this year in 2024.

Just when you thought the realm of TVs couldn’t get any weirder after rollable OLEDs, LG dropped another bomb. The company surprised everyone at CES 2024 with the new LG Signature OLED T, which is a transparent TV packed with an OLED panel! As you can tell, it features a unique screen that lets you see what is on the other side!

While seen at CES 2024, this transparent TV technology has been used before as a commercial solution. But now, the LG Signature OLED T could later launch in 2024 as a legitimate TV that general consumers should be able to get soon enough. According to the Korean news outlet Yonhap News Agency, LG has said the Signature OLED Transparent TV will launch in the global market “later this year.

This TV features LG’s updated Alpha 11 AI processor. With this, LG says the chip brings four times better performance. This is compared to the previous-gen chip used on their TV.

This Alpha 11 processor analyzes the content, promoting image quality by working on a pixel-perfect level for better color correction & detailing. Users will be able to switch between transparent and black TV modes easily. The standard ‘black’ mode has better image quality. The TV also has a few exclusive features that take advantage of this amazing transparent mode.

LG transparent OLED TV Signature T coming in 2024 unveiled at CES 2024
Image Courtesy: LG Electronics

This includes a new T-bar feature showing you useful information at the bottom of the LG Signature T Transparent OLED television. Here, you can find the time, weather, and even news. The TV supports showcasing art pieces with the see-through transparent mode turned on.

This LG Signature T Transpalook is quite cool as a home decor addition to your home. LG says its TV’s self-lit pixel technology helps achieve the slim design.

This LG Signature OLED T also relies on LG’s Zero Connect Box, which is used to beam video & audio to the TV wirelessly. The novelty of this transparent OLED TV is quite amazing, and it’s not an illusion either. People have gone behind the TV at the CES 2024 event and it can still be seen through the screen. Hopefully, it won’t completely burn a hole in our pockets once it launches but we think it will!

What are your thoughts on the LG Signature OLED T? Would you buy a transparent OLED TV? Let us know in the comments below.

SOURCE Yonhap News Agency
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