Caviar Released an Ultra-Expensive “Warrior Collection” for the New iPhone 12 Series

Caviar warrior collection feat. iPhone 12 series

Following the launch of the latest iPhone models, the luxury iPhone-modders, Caviar released a new “Warrior Collection” for the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro Max. We have seen the company make some insane(ly priced) custom iPhones in the past. This time, the Russia-based company is bringing the “warrior spirit” with this new collection of modded iPhones.

Now, the “Warrior Collection” features six different designs for the iPhone models. Each of these designs has an arrow-like shape at the back which, according to the company, represents “a sword plunging into the ‘armor’ of the enemy”. The six models, namely – Assassin, Knight, Samurai, Viking, Zulfiqar, and Imperator, have a similar design language but are made with different materials.

The Knight, the Viking, and the Samurai are similarly priced as they all are based on titanium. Amongst these three designs, the “Viking” one features red marble and wolf hide for the decorations. The “Samurai” one also comes with red marble. However, instead of the wolf hide, it features a textured carbon decoration at the back. All of these three models will start at $5,490 (~Rs. 4,04,473).

The Assassin is slightly more expensive than the above three, starting at $5,650 (~Rs. 4,16,261), and it is for a great reason. Although this one is also based on titanium, the Assassin features a black marble at the back. Moreover, there is red jewelry enamel stuck to the tip of the sword-like design to represent “a drop of blood”.

The company says that they will make 99 of these four designs for the users to buy. Now, the other two designs – the Zulfiqar and the Imperator, are the high-end designs in this collection.

The Zulfiqar, which is inspired by the iconic sword of the same name, comes wrapped with 18-karat gold and features luxury materials like titanium with a Damascus steel pattern and green marble. Moreover, there are two red rubies (weighing 0.8 carats) stuck at the back to show two drops of blood, possibly of the enemy of the “warrior”. This one starts at a whopping $29,690 (~Rs. 21,87,400) and Caviar will make 19 units of this model.

The Imperator, on the other hand, is the highest-end model in this collection which features materials often found in ancient Roman palaces. It features all kinds of premium material like red leather and satin gold at the back to remind users about the level of luxury of the Roman emperors. And this one starts from a double-whopping price of $46,460 (~Rs. 34,22,924) and the company will make only 7 of these.

Now, all these cases are already up for pre-order on Caviar’s official website. However, as the iPhone 12 Pro Max is still not out in the market, the company will deliver the “Warrior Collection” iPhone 12 Pro Max models after Apple starts shipping the devices.

You can check out the official launch video of the collection right below.

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