Boston Dynamics is Now Selling Its Spot Robot to Anyone for $74,500

boston dynamics spot robot on sale

Remember Boston Dynamics’ dog like robot called ‘Spot’? The one that does all the neat things Boston Dynamics keeps showing off in videos? Well, you can buy one now.

After originally selling the Spot robot to enterprises last year, Boston Dynamics is now selling it to anyone in the US. As long as they have $74,500 to spare. That is a lot of money, if you’re wondering. It’s about Rs. 56 lakh, or the price of the base Tesla Model S. Needless to say, at the end of the day, not a lot of regular joes are gonna be buying this.

Boston Dynamics isn’t worried about the price though, and maybe they don’t need to be. The company says that Spot is the most advanced mobile robot in the world. In fact, the product page for the Spot is full of all the ways Boston Dynamics imagines the robot being used. Most of these involve Spot being fitted with one of the many additional payloads that can be purchased from Boston Dynamics, for specialised missions.

As of right now, those include things like checking up on construction progress remotely, or inspecting something like an oil-rig. The Spot is designed to be put into places where sending a human being isn’t the best idea. Whether it’s because of hazardous conditions, or purely because the nature of the task is menial and boring, Spot can be fitted to perform these things easily.

Boston Dynamics’ Spot is now available from its website for $74,500. So, if you need the machine, or just have $75,000 lying around the house, you can get it now.

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