5 Best Minecraft Crossbow Enchantments

In Short
  • Unbreaking and mending are one of the best Minecraft crossbow enchantments, as they extend the weapon's durability and restore it.
  • Quick charge enchantment helps reload the crossbow faster. Multishot makes it so you consume one projectile and fire three at once.
  • Piercing allows arrows to hit an entity and go straight through, damaging up to five entities at once with a crossbow.

Even though a weapon or a tool is powerful by default, you should always look into applying the best Minecraft enchantments on it. They do not only make them last longer but also grant them different abilities and provide more strength. That said, in this article, we will be focusing on some of the best crossbow enchantments in Minecraft right now. This weapon is more often than not overlooked, but you might change your opinion after learning how amazing it can become.

1. Unbreaking

Just like with other weapons and tools, crossbow‘s durability can be increased with the unbreaking enchantment. It provides a chance that the use of a crossbow will not consume durability. That chance scales with the level of unbreaking enchantment.

So with unbreaking III, which is the maximum level, your crossbow will consume durability once in four uses on average, essentially making it last four times longer.

This enchantment is easily obtainable through the enchanting table, which you will need lapis lazuli and XP levels to apply to your crossbow. You may also buy an enchanted book with unbreaking from the librarian villagers.

2. Quick Charge

Quick charge is a fairly useful enchantment that will come in handy most during PvP battles. It lets you reload the crossbow faster. It decreases the time you have to wait by a certain number of seconds. The game calculates this with the following formula:

Level * 0.25
Firing from an unenchanted crossbow and from the one that has quick charge III Minecraft enchantment

The maximum level of the quick charge enchantment is III, which means that your crossbow will reload 0.75 seconds faster, which is a bit faster than the bow. You can apply quick charge through the enchanting table or by using an enchanted book.

3. Mending

Mending is a treasure enchantment that’s arguably the most OP in the game, perhaps even too much so. It allows you to restore the crossbow’s durability with XP. Every time you gain XP, it skips going to your XP bar, but instead refills the weapon’s durability. There is only one level of this enchantment present in the game.

You cannot get mending enchantment in the enchanting table and need to use an enchanted book to apply this power to your crossbow.

4. Multishot

Multishot is the most fun crossbow enchantment to use. It allows you to fire three projectiles at once. They will get spread out, so multishot is most efficient when fighting with multiple spread out mobs. Multishot works with both arrows and fireworks in Minecraft.

Moreover, this enchantment will consume only one projectile, but because of that, it’s not possible to retrieve the other two shot arrows. The downside to using this enchantment is the durability drain. If you’re using arrows as projectiles, the crossbow will use up 3 durability per use.

Firing from a multishot crossbow at villagers

But if you go with the firework route, the weapon will use the whole 9 durability per shot. This is why combining unbreaking and mending with multishot is crucial. You can get this enchantment using the enchanting table and enchanted books.

5. Piercing

Piercing enchantment allows your arrows to pierce through multiple entities. This means they will damage more than one mob, similarly to what multishot offers. But, piercing is the strongest crossbow enchantment, since it allows you to damage up to five different entities with one shot and pick up the shot arrow afterward, which you can use over and over again.

Killing five villagers with one piercing arrow

Level 1 of this enchantment lets the arrow pierce through one entity, essentially damaging two mobs in the process. Piercing IV, which is the maximum level, makes arrows pierce through four mobs, allowing you to damage or even kill five from one projectile.

Piercing is most efficient when you fight multiple mobs that are grouped together. Furthermore, it’s also beneficial to use a piercing crossbow in PvP battles, as the arrows actually ignore shields when they’re blocking. You can get piercing through the enchanting table or by using enchanted books.


Multishot and piercing are mutually exclusive enchantments, which means you cannot have them both on the same crossbow. So, choose wisely!

There you have it, everyone. Now you’re familiar with all the crossbow enchantments you should be using in Minecraft. These additions to the crossbow make it rather fun to use, as well as more useful in certain situations than bows. So, which crossbow enchantment is your favorite? Share with us in the comments below!

Can crossbows have infinity?

No, infinity is only available for bows.

How many enchantments can a crossbow have?

Crossbow can have a maximum of five enchantments at the time, including the curse of vanishing enchantment we didn’t cover in this guide, as it’s not helpful.

Is multishot only for crossbows?

Yes, you can only put multishot on a crossbow.

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