How to Get Trial Chambers Explorer Map in Minecraft

The trial chambers are one of the biggest new additions in the Minecraft 1.21 update. This structure is designed to offer some of the most challenging and fun experiences that players can have solo or with friends. So, finding it is of the essence once you install the Tricky Trials update. So, we discuss how to get the trial chambers explorer map, an item that can lead you straight to this new structure, in Minecraft 1.21.

How to Get the Trial Chambers Map

You first need to find a village then only can you get the trial chambers explorer map. If you are lucky, it will already have the villager that you need, who is a cartographer.

However, if it doesn’t, you can always employ a villager with no job using the cartography table (see the linked guide to learn how to make this block). Cartographer, for the ones unaware, is one of the many villager jobs in Minecraft.

Cartographer villagers from all different biomes

When you have a cartographer villager, you should level them up to the journeyman tier. This means you will have to buy/sell items from/to the cartographer until they reach the third set of trades. When this happens, they will either offer the trial explorer map or the woodland explorer map, which leads you to a woodland mansion.

But if you’re fortunate, the villager will offer both or even all three maps as part of their trades. There is also a chance that multiple cartographer villagers from the same village will trade trial explorer maps to different trial chambers, so make sure to employ more than one cartographer.

This trial chamber map trade will cost you 12 emeralds and one compass, which you can craft with four iron ingots and one redstone dust. So, as you can see, it’s easy to get this map.

Trial explorer map cartographer is selling

However, the only hindrance in this mission will be emeralds. But fear not, as we have a dedicated guide on the best villager trades, which covers the trades for obtaining emeralds easily.

How to Use Trial Chambers Explorer Map

Now that you have the trial chambers explorer map, let’s see how you can use it. This item functions the same as the buried treasure map. Select it on your hotbar and if you don’t hold anything in your off-hand, the map will appear bigger.

Look at the map, and you will see the trial chamber icon, which depicts the nearest trial chambers structure you can reach.

Trial explorer map in Minecraft 1.21

You will also see a white dot representing your position in the world. If the dot is small, that means the chamber is far away. The map is oriented so that the four cardinal directions are precise, which means north is up, south is down, east is right and west is left.

When you enable the F3 debug screen in Minecraft, you will see that it shows the direction you are facing right below the chunk info on the left.

F3 debug screen showing what cardinal direction the player is facing

This will help you realize where this new structure is located in space relative to you. So, if the trial chamber icon is in the top left corner and your white dot is in the bottom right corner, you should position yourself so that you’re walking northwest.

Simply determine where your white dot should go to reach the trial chamber icon, whether it’s up, down, left, or right. Then do the same in your world, replace those directions with north, south, west, and east. Once the white dot is at the trial chamber icon, dig down and you’ll break into this building. Make sure you’re ready though, as it will be an adventure and a half.

Now that you know how to get the new explorer map, you can explore trial chambers in Minecraft 1.21 and fight the Breeze to get the wind charge. If you want to check out other methods to find trial chambers, then visit our linked guide. That said, how was your first trial chamber adventure? Drop your answer in the comments below!

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