12 Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Putting protection at the forefront, Apple has doubled the water-resistance of the iPhone 11 Pro. It can now resist water up to 4 meters deep for 30 minutes, which would be more than enough for most users. So, why would you ever need a waterproof case for your iPhone 11 Pro? Well, the biggest reason why you would want to put on a reliable waterproof cover before diving into a swimming pool or going out in rains is that liquid damage is not covered under warranty. Moreover, Apple states that water resistance decreases over time as the phone gets older. And, you wont’ be able to charge your iPhone till it is wet. That’s why you better get one of the best waterproof cases for your iPhone 11 Pro to always stay on the safe side of the stream rather than pay a hefty price for the water damage repair.

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Best Waterproof Cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Almost all the waterproof cases lined up in this post feature IP68 waterproof rating and can shield your smartphone up to 2 meters deep in water for a minimum of 30 minutes (maximum up to 3 hours). If the rating differs, we have mentioned that in the article. These covers also sport shockproof design and offer an additional safeguard for the triple-lens camera and Super Retina XDR display. Thanks largely to the shockproof construction, they are designed to be an ideal defender against all threats like rains, drops, scratches, snow, and dust. With that said, let’s find out which one of these top waterproof covers is for you.

1. Lifeproof FRĒ

Putting Lifeproof’s FRĒ at the top of this roundup feels like doing an age-old norm. To me, the best part about this waterproof cover is the impressive design that stands out in a seemingly crowded market. Well, if you often have to encounter rains or thundershowers and want a waterproof case for regular use, this has to be your top pick. Apart from the adorable profile, it has also got enough resistance to fight out the impact as well. And with the grippy sides, the cover feels more comfortable in the hands. But the only thing that may force you to think twice before going for this premium waterproof cover for iPhone 11 Pro is the high-price tag that stands head and shoulders above the pricing of other cases in the market.

Lifeproof FRE - waterproof cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Buy from Lifeproof: $89.99

2. Dooge IP69K Certified iPhone 11 Pro Waterproof Case

The Dooge IP69K certified case is the best iPhone 11 Pro waterproof case for most users. The case comes with an IP69K rating that gives it the ability to survive underwater and also makes it impact resistant. Once you apply the case, your iPhone will work even when fully submerged under the depth of 9.8ft (3M) with no water leakage. It can also stand water pressure up to 16.5ft (5M) for half an hour. When it comes to impact, the case can withstand shock and drop up to the height of 6.6ft (2M). The case is made of high-durable plastic and soft TPU and is slim and light-weight when compared to other protective cases. The case is also snow-proof, dust-proof, and sand-proof. It’s one of the best iPhone 11 Pro waterproof cases that you can buy.

Dooge IP69K Certified iPhone 11 Pro Waterproof Case

Buy from Amazon: $32.99

3. JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

If you are someone who is into deep-sea diving then you should check out the JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch. While it’s not a slim and slender case for your iPhone, it ensures that you can take your iPhone 11 Pro with you on the next dive and capture incredible shots and videos. With this pouch, your iPhone will remain secure even for up to 100 feet of submersion and that too without any time limit. Since there’s no time limit, you don’t have to hurry back and you can spend as much time underwater as you want. That being said, it’s not something that you can outside the diving environment for obvious reasons. So make sure that this is your deep-sea diving case and find another regular waterproof case for your iPhone 11 Pro from this list.

JOTO Universal Waterproof Pouch

Buy from Amazon: $9.99


When you have a top-notch waterproof case like ANTSHARE safeguarding your iPhone, you will relish your adventurous activities like swimming or diving to the fullest – without having to worry about the protection of your device. More than the reliable IP68 waterproof rating, what I like about this cover is the ability to offer all-around defense to the device. Whether it’s the rugged frame, hard back-panel or the scratch-resistant screen protector, it has covered all the basics. What’s more, ANTSHARE also supports wireless charging so that there is no need to take off the cover before charging the device, which is yet another plus from a user-experience point of view.


Buy from Amazon: $20.99

5. Temdan

Tedman is well-know for producing high-quality waterproof cases. And this offering for the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro also lives up to the reputation. The case supports IP68 waterproof rating (6.6ft/1 hour) and has a shock-absorbing design that makes it an ideal asset for all conditions. I mean whether you want to shield your smartphone against water or protect it from nasty bumps, the cover can stand up to the task fairly well. Besides, it also features a responsive screen protector so that you can continue to use your device without any inconvenience. Just like ANTSHARE Tedman waterproof case is also compatible with wireless charging.

Tamdem - waterproof cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Buy from Amazon: $19.99

6. Lamcase

What has caught my eyes in Lamcase is the ability to resist water up to 2 meters deep for than 3 hours. Well, if the claim holds true, the case can be your top bet for not only shielding your device against water but also enjoying water sport to the fullest. Beyond the appreciable waterproof rating, Lamcase is also quite good at enduring impact due mainly to the hard plastic construction. There is also a built-in screen protector to offer the much-required defense to the expensive OLED display against scuffs. Considering the impressive specs, a $19.99 price-tag makes this waterproof cover a smart pick.


Buy from Amazon: $19.99

7. Eonfine

Featuring rugged construction, Eonfine waterproof case offers reliable safeguards to your iPhone 11 Pro not only from water but also from nasty bumps. With this cover installed, your iPhone will stay protected underwater up to 6.6 feet deep for 30 minutes. And with the 810G-516 military-grade protection, the device can withstand a drop from 6.6 feet in height. The cover features a top-grade screen guard to protect the Super Retina XDR display from scratches. Plus, there is an additional beveled edge on the back to prevent scuffs from damaging the triple-lens camera.

Eonfine waterproof case

Buy from Amazon: $23.99

8. Justcool

I always prefer a waterproof case that has a compact form-factor and provides a secure grip. That’s the reason why Justcool has appealed to my penchant. Despite having a durable construction, the cover doesn’t look bulky unlike many other waterproof covers in the market. And with the rugged frame, the cover also offers grippy hold which prevents slip off. Another thing that I like about this cover is the responsive buttons that are easy to deal with. As for the screen guard, it offers better clarity and is also pretty responsive to the touch. Overall, Justcool is an ideal waterproof cover for the iPhone 11 Pro.

Justcool Buy from Amazon: $17.99

9. Potalux

Simply put, Potalux is one of the most protective waterproof covers for the iPhone 11 Pro. While the durable frame plays a major role in resisting impact, the clear back offers some freedom to the device to shine through. Moreover, it keeps the camera and screen protected from scratches thanks to the inclusion of beveled edges on the front and rear sides. And yes, Potalux also works with most wireless charging pads and stands in the market so that you can power up your device without any issue.


Buy from Amazon: $18.99

10. Garcoo

Garcoo claims to deliver a 360-degree shield to your iPhone. And looking at the robust casing of the cover, I must say that it has got the quality to be a trusted defender of your smartphone. Thanks to the IP68 waterproof rating, the case can keep your device protected up to 2 meters underwater for 30 minutes. Moreover, shockproof construction can withstand drops from 2m in height. To offer extra protection for the 5.8-inch Super Retina XDR display and triple-lens camera, the waterproof case also features raised lips. On top of all, Garcoo comes at $16.99 that makes it one of the most affordable waterproof cases for iPhone 11 Pro.

Garco - waterproof cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Buy from Amazon: $16.99

11. RedPepper

This waterproof case from RedPepper is an easy pick for three prime reasons. For starters, the cover has a form-fitting design that not only makes a decent pair with the iPhone but also offers an anti-slip grip so that the device remains steady in the hands. Then, it can resist water up to 2 meters deep for 30 minutes which is good enough for a fun-filled adventure in the pool or reliable protection in the rain. Besides, the cover is equally strong at withstanding shock and providing the needed protection to the camera and screen. The compatibility with wireless chargers and responsive screen protectors make it a safe bet. Oh yes, it’s also priced at just $17 which makes it a fine option for the folks who are looking for a good waterproof cover at a low price point.

RedPepper - waterproof cases for iPhone 11 Pro

Buy from Amazon: $16.99


I have found SPIDERCASE waterproof cover up to the mark. In terms of protection from water, the case can shield your smartphone up to 2 meters deep in water for 30 minutes which is more than decent for fun-filled swimming in the pool or water sport. That apart, the cover has also got an impact-resistant construction with fortified corners and rugged back-panel. So, it’s fully equipped to protect your smartphone during tough times. Lastly, just like many other rivals in the market, this waterproof cover is also designed to work with wireless chargers. 


Buy from Amazon: $15.99

Choose the Best Waterproof Case for iPhone 11 Pro

Even though Apple has vastly improved water-resistance, waterproof cases are here to stay – at least for now. It’s because they offer 360-degree protection to the iPhone, ensuring the device has a reliable safeguard against not only water but also accidental drops. And that’s the reason why they are a preferred choice for users who want heavy-duty protection for their phone. Enough talk, let me know your favorite waterproof cover for the new iPhone 11 Pro and the thing that you have liked in it.

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