10 Best Roblox Piggy Characters to Scare Your Friends

If you are active in the Roblox community, coming across Piggy is almost inevitable. It’s one of the scariest Roblox games of all time and comes with some interesting mechanics, a unique plot, and iconic characters. Some players even create their Roblox characters based on the ones in Piggy. And that’s exactly what we are here to familiarize you with today. We have compiled a list of the 10 best Roblox Piggy characters you can get before jumping into your next game. Some of them are scary while others are tactical. You have to test them all to find the right one for you. With that said, let’s not waste time and check out the top Piggy character skins in Roblox.

Best Roblox Piggy Characters in 2022

Our list only covers the obtainable Piggy characters. We are not including the NPCs or exclusive skins that you can’t equip. Moreover, our list isn’t ranked in any way. You can explore each Piggy character using the table below at your convenience.

1. Piggy

Piggy Original Skin

There is no way this list can begin without talking about the original Piggy skin. As you might guess from its appearance, it’s based on the popular character Peppa Pig. But unlike the friendly face that children love, this Peppa has a broken eye and blood-stained clothes. It holds a killer baseball bat instead of dolls and can bring nightmares to your world of dreams. If you are a first-timer in the world of Piggy, this original skin is the best way to experience the game in its prime.

Obtaining: Available by default.

2. ???

Question Marks_Skin Roblox

The “???” is probably the creepiest skin among all the best Roblox Piggy characters. It features a boogie man who has a body similar to that of Slender Man but with long nails and a creepier smile. It has a button for one eye and a stationary eyeball for another. This weird character also has a red bow and a magician’s hat. But try not to stare into the multiple eyeballs attached to that hat.

Obtaining: Complete the hidden ending of Piggy: Book 2.

3. Laura


From a distance, Laura appears to be a baby bear holding her teddy bear and minding her business. But as you get closer, her creepy features start to take shape. Laura and her teddy have blocked out eyes that see into nothingness. Then, to top it off, one of Laura’s eyes appears to be melting which is sure to fuel a bunch of nightmares. As for her looks, Laura has worn-out clothes and a creepy black bow adding to her scary vibes.

Obtaining: Collect all parts of the teddy bear on the Camp map and then lead the soldier from the blue cabin to the newly spawned Teddy Bear.

4. Mr. P

Mr.P Roblox Piggy

Giving rest to the scary elements, we have Mr.P with his weird design that isn’t particularly alarming but definitely eerie. We get a pink blob wearing a hat and a suit. He has a robotic eye and a robotic arm giving a nod to his collage-like design. Finally, one arm of Mr.P is an extension of the pink body while the other one is a robotic shotgun. Other players might not get scared immediately on encountering you as Mr.P, but they are bound to lose their senses once you start shooting.

Obtaining: Complete the “True Ending” of Piggy: Book 1.

5. Teacher

Teacher Roblox Piggy

During our early school years, we are bound to come across at least one scary teacher. But believe me when I say that you were lucky to encounter them because the Teacher from Piggy is much scarier. Her weapon is a long ruler which creepily matches the color of her eyes. As for the appearance, the Teacher is a browned-out version of the original Piggy but with tainted clothes and huge horns. Not to forget, her iconic glasses are even hard to miss.

Obtaining: Available for 175 Piggy Tokens

6. Zompiggy


Almost all horror games have a version of zombies in them and Piggy is no exception. What we get here is a decaying Piggy character whose skull is exposed on one side. This Zompiggy wears a worn-out version of the original Piggy skin that fits well with the rest of the rotten theme. As for the weapon, she uses someone’s skeleton arm to hunt other players.

Obtaining: Available for 325 Piggy Tokens

7. Kraxicorde


Kraxicorde, as an alien, feels out of place in the world of creepy pigs and toy monsters. But this unexpectedness makes it pretty reliable if you want to catch players off guard. This Kraken monster has three eyes and six tentacles. The lower body of the Kraxicorde is similar to that of octopuses but the upper half feels like a combination of a scary human and some fish. Not to forget, the weird gradient of the purple and blue moving over its body is another element adding to its creepiness.

Obtaining: Available for 700 Piggy Tokens

8. Sentinel

Sentinel Roblox Piggy

If just having a static gothic element doesn’t feel scary enough to you then the Sentinel skin might do the job. It is one of the very rare animated skins in Piggy that glows in rainbow colors. The costume in itself is quite spooky and presents a glowing pig that is wearing a torn-up black cloth. You can see the glowing ribs of Sentinel along with its facial features and arms.

Obtaining: Collect all pages of Piggy: Book 1.

9. Torcher

Torcher Roblox Piggy Character

Most of the best Roblox Piggy characters are scary because of their looks but the Torcher is scary because of his weapon. He has a simple firefighter-like outfit but instead of putting out the fire, he uses a flamethrower to ignite it. This is one of the best Roblox characters and if it looks familiar it’s because Torcher is based on the Pyro from Team Fortress 2.

Obtaining: Available for 550 Piggy Tokens

10. Twins

Twins Roblox Piggy Character

If you are a fan of horror movies, you might remember the twins from The Shining. Piggy takes inspiration from those and applies it to the Zuzu and Zaza Zebra from Peppa Pig. The result is a pair of menacing killers that carry fencing foils as their weapons. This is the only character skin in the game that has two characters combined into one making it quite rare.

Obtaining: Available for 650 Piggy Tokens

Try These Top Roblox Piggy Characters Today

Whether you want to scare your friends in Roblox or have a new way to experience the game these best Roblox Piggy characters can help you out. But make sure that your teammates can handle the horror of these characters. They look even more terrifying if you are playing Roblox on Quest 2. On the contrary, if you want something more challenging you can try to play Squid Game in Roblox for a refreshing experience. Having said that, which other Piggy character do you think should be on our list? Tell us in the comments!

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    ???(TIO) is the scariest skin in my opinion


    ???(a.k.a TIO) is the scariest skin in my opinion

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    Roblox is so fun and thank you so much for making roblox

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