20 Best Cool Roblox Characters You Must Try

Roblox isn’t just a video game but a complete social experience. You meet players from across the world with the possibility of making new connections every single day. This makes it extremely important that your in-game Roblox avatar looks its best. That’s why we are here to list the coolest Roblox characters you can use in 2024. All the items for the characters’ appearance are a part of Roblox’s avatar shop. You only have to grab them from the shelf to customize your avatar and start playing. Let’s start exploring the best Roblox characters to try.

Due to heavy demand and to compensate artists for their efforts, most good Roblox characters are paid. So, be sure to add enough Robux to your account or get free Robux before exploring these characters.

1. Gang O’ Fries

Opening with a funny note, the first character you can turn into is a bunch of french fries. But not all of them are happy. Except for a few smiling faces, this Roblox character has some delicious but scary-looking fries. All of them are packed as a gang inside a Roblox box that has limbs made of fries.

Gang O' Fries

If you want to have fun while making a few heads turn, Gang O’ Fries is the only avatar you need. Not to forget, this character is the winner of Roblox’s 3rd avatar contest. So, you can rely on its quality.

Get Gang O’ Fries
Cost: 250 Robux

2. Noob Attack – Mech Mobility

Our next cool Roblox character is a special one because the Roblox community loves it. And all the love it receives is for the right reasons. The costume consists of a cute robot with an open chest. But instead of its engine, the chest is driven by a “noob” player. This character is the winner of the 2018 Rthro design contest, and the highly detailed design played a role in its victory.

Noob Attack

Its mechanical body has a rustic look, and you might find yourself expecting it to make mechanical sounds when it moves. While you can’t get those sounds, the robotic movement animations packed with the character are convincing.

Get Noob Attack
Cost: 250 Robux

3. Roblox Zombie

If you are trying one of the best scary Roblox games with your friends, getting scared is inevitable. But you can take the fun a step further by scaring your friends with the horrifying Roblox Zombie avatar. This character is undead, scary, and in search of brains to snack on. You can simply match your combat with the zombie’s vibes to freak everyone out.

Roblox Zombie

As for the character design, we get the common degenerating zombie face with torn clothes. But to step it up, the zombie also has a peeled-off leg with exposed bone. And as if that wasn’t enough, the zombie has the Roblox symbol plastered on its chest, giving birth to interesting conspiracy theories.

Get Roblox Zombie
Cost: 250 Robux

4. Rogue Space Assassin

A majority of Roblox games are based around PvP action. Here, your combat skills and your appearance both can help in dominating the opponent. While we can’t help in improving your skills, the cool Rogue Assassin Roblox character skin can upgrade your looks.

Rogue Space Assassin

The character’s design is similar to the Marvel character Taskmaster, who is a popular assassin in his world. But this Roblox avatar takes its scary element a step further by adding a dark finish to the costume. Whether you want to go on a killing spree or silently assassinate your target, the Rogue Space Assassin avatar can be your perfect companion.

Get Rogue Space Assassin
500 Robux

5. Knights of Redcliff: Paladin

Giving its competition a fight for the bucks, we have Paladin, a knight inside a golden armor. This unique costume is completely free, and fortunately, there are almost no reliable alternatives for it – even if a paid collection. Once equipped, you get a warrior character, which is the sole enemy of Korblox, the most expensive character in Roblox’s history.

Knights of Redcliff Paladin

At first glance, the costume feels like something out of the game because of its unique and detailed design. But when you look closely, the traditional Roblox elements start peeking out. The most iconic aspect of the costume is Roblox’s grey head that peaks through the helmet opening.

Get Knights of Redcliff: Paladin
Cost: Free

6. Junkbot

Another one from the free category of characters is the Junkbot. Well, nowhere near looking like a free character, Junkbot might be the toy you left in your bedroom and your mom threw away.


Now that Junkbot is here from junk in your backyard, I assure you he looks clean when you equip it. The yellow color gives you the vibe of a bumblebee along with his sharp claws. So, get him now and start exploring the world as the ever-beloved robot.

Get Junkbot
Cost: Free

7. Elemental Crystal Golem

Our next Roblox character is a pretty cool one. It allows you to become a golem made up of floating rocks that are connected by a golden crystal. Whether you want to role-play as a medieval superhero or a mega villain, its design can fit various roles.

Elemental Crystal Golem

Going over the design, we get a stone-made character that has crystals growing out of its back and head. Its whole body is black, so the golden crystals coming out of it create a beautiful contrast.

Get Elemental Crystal Golem
Cost: 400 Robux

8. Blocky LNX

Usually, Roblox creators avoid using real-world celebrities for their inspiration. But fortunately, that’s not the case for this avatar. This cool Roblox character is a blocky version of rapper Lil Nas X. Even though the blocky theme limits capturing details of the rapper, the in-game design does give off LNX vibes.

Blocky LNX Lil Nas X in Roblox

The iconic red costume that LNX used while promoting Old Town Road, along with his iconic smile, is hard to miss. So, whether you are a fan of Lil Nas X or the rap genre in general, this character seems like a worthy choice for your collection.

Get Blocky LNX
Cost: 500 Robux

9. Korblox Deathspeaker

Switching from the vibe god Lil Blox X to the theme of Halloween. As the spooktober approaches, we have some great Halloween theme characters in mind. The list starts with one of the most expensive characters from the Roblox universe in Korblox Deathspeaker.

Roblox Korblox Deathspeaker

His tribe is widely considered to be the best in Roblox. Deathspeaker is also the strongest of the twelve Korblox tribes. So if you want to spend on a Roblox character then choose Korblox Deathspeaker as no one dares challenge his authority.

Get Korblox Deathspeaker
Cost: 17,000 Robux

10. Ud’zal

Speaking of the strongest Korblox, we can run the debate when it comes to Ud’zal. He is the one true master of all 12 deathspeakers. Considered the ‘All-father’ of Korblox, Ud’zal looks huge and has more spookiness in his character.


So, in case you do not want to spend a lot by purchasing Korblox, go for the dad of them. However, remember that 12 Korblox plotted and assassinated Ud’zal.

Get Ud’zal
Cost: 250 Robux

11. Pumpkin Reaper

Don’t let its name fool you. The Pumpkin Reaper is here to replace the Soul Reaper, and its scary look is major proof of that. At first glance, it looks like a rusty scarecrow, but the grim features start to make themselves visible as you get closer. What stands in front of you is a scary farmer with a pumpkin for its skull.

Pumpkin Reaper

It has ropes tied all around its body, almost as if to keep it from falling apart. Then, the actual clothing items are also made up of different items sewn together at certain places. All of this leads to a unique and iconic character that you definitely won’t wish to encounter at night. Not to forget, its glowing eyes can easily make the younger audience leave the game if used on the right occasion.

Get Pumpkin Reaper
Cost: 250 Robux

12. Headless Horseman

Ending our Halloween and horror-friendly section with the most priced character in our list is the Headless Horseman. Although the name is already scary, the character looks even more haunting.

Headless Horseman Roblox

With a pumpkin head in his hand, he comes. Unfortunately, his horse is not with him. Headless Horseman is a legend of the Halloween theme and deserves to be in the cool characters category. Well, if anyone can afford him.

Get Headless Horseman
Cost: 31,000 Robux

13. Erisyphia

Much like many other video games, cute girly skins are also popular among Roblox players. So, to fill that spot in our list, Erisyphia is here with a unique magical dress and a shaft in their hand. As per the character description, they are the sun goddess of the Roblox world, and their majestic wings fuel this rumor.


Coming to the design, we get a princess-like character wearing a white dress with gold and purple accessories. The same theme continues in the shaft they are holding, which seems to resemble the shining sun. Finally, to complete the appearance, they have unique angel-like wings and a crown, neither of which function in-game but are effective in terms of overall aesthetics.

Get Erisyphia
Cost: 250 Robux

14. Blazeburner

Even with thousands of characters to choose from, Roblox’s library is still low on superhero avatars. Though, Blazeburner tries to improve that situation. She is a powerful character that can unload 10,000 volts of current with a single punch.


Blazerburner, as a character, looks like a futuristic robot that’s traveled back in time to change the world. But it does not have Terminator vibes. Instead, she adorns metallic armor with a power core in its chest and wings on her back. Such a look, along with her tiny demeanor, only gives out the idea of her being a fast and powerful superhero.

Get Blazeburner
Cost: 250 Robux

15. Tenko the Nine-Tailed Fox

Tenko the Nine Tails Roblox

This cool Roblox character is a detailed one, and it’s also the winner of the 2018 Rthro Design Contest. This Roblox character has an appearance that fits right into any modern anime. You have the power to transform into a man or woman, young or old. How does it work, you ask? Well, Tenko can do so by wearing a fox mask and unlocking its power.

Get Tenko the Nine-Tailed Fox
Cost: 250 Robux

16. CATS…IN SPACE: Medic Lily

Because of the huge number of human-like characters in the store, the easiest way to stand out in Roblox is by adapting an animal avatar. And while we are at it, why not go for a comrade in the space? Yes, our next cool Roblox character is a space medic and also a cat.

Medic Lily

The medic Lily has a unique soldier-like space costume. You can notice the iconic green colour and the medical cross easily. And to top it off, Lily has an ambulance-like siren on top of their head. And the cute cat head peaking from the helmet is a bonus.

Get Medic Lily
Cost: 400 Robux

17. Jester Equinox

With the theme of the popular DC character Herley Quinn in mind, the Jester is born. Winning entry in the 2018 Rthro Design Contest, Jester Equinox still plays her tricks and causes mischief.

Jester Equinox

J’adora wears a bright and colorful costume. The color combination also looks eye-catching. Her eyes are also different in color, which makes her stand out in a bunch of other characters.

Get Jester Equinox
Cost: 250 Robux

18. The Gnomsky Brothers

Getting one Roblox character that’s worth its price is an amazing deal. But what if you can get two at the price of one? Coming through the brothers from the circus. Do not forget that they won the gnome stacking championships.

The Gnomsky Brothers

Well, in terms of looks, you get two of them at a price of one. Now, one brother will be your head while the other be your heart. So, do not miss out on the best future attornies in the world.

Get The Gnomsky Brothers
Cost: 400 Robux

19. Astral Isle Clan: Windsor the Blue

While Marvel has Doctor Strange for interdimensional travel and time control, the world of Roblox includes Windsor the Blue. Windsor is a magician who controls space and time while adoring an outstanding costume and a wizard hat. The mystic vibes of this Roblox character are evident from the second you lay eyes on it.


Windsor’s costume design feels right out of a fantasy game, especially with the gold boots, a long rob, a muffler, and a hat with a gem. They also have gloves on top to complete the look of this costume. Then, as if all of that wasn’t enough, our wizard friend has a utility belt with space for unique magic items. If you wish to play on a fantasy-based map, this costume should be your first choice.

Get Windsor
Cost: 600 Robux

20. Blue Collar Cat

Blue Collar Cat Character

To sum up our list, we have a cool cat who seems to be ready to return to the office after years of working from home. The blue-collar cat is a simple orange cat that works a desk job and hates Monday. There is no story behind their creation. But if they feel relatable, I suppose it’s about time you get a character that hits rights at home.

Get Blue Collar Cat
Cost: 350 Robux

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