Roblox Clover Retribution Codes (April 2024)

Clover Retribution is an anime experience in Roblox where learning magic and raising your mastery level are your primary goals. However, just like other experiences in Roblox, you will require some help. To make your journey smooth, we have compiled the best Roblox Clover Retribution codes. With these new codes, you can get tons of cool free stuff in the game! These also unlock spins for magic, traits, races, and other things. So, with that, let’s begin!

Working Clover Retribution Codes

We looked for new codes and tested them in-game, and they are working as of March 30, 2024. Roblox codes expire quickly, so make sure to redeem them right away. If you do not want to miss any working codes, bookmark this page. To redeem some codes, you will also need to join the Clover Retribution group. Some of the codes also work on a new server only, so watch out for that, too.

  • !insomnia: five magic spins (NEW) [New Server]
  • !santaiscoming: ten spins of each type
  • !37klikes: 12 magic spins
  • !mobilestats: one stat reset
  • !36klikes: 120 race spins (Group)
  • !communitycode: 120 magic spins (Group)
  • !32klikes: ten spins of each type
  • !update2soon: 20 spins of each type
  • !clovergoal: 30 race spins
  • !30klikes: ten spins of each type
  • !cloverthanks: 12 magic spins
  • !28klikes: ten spins of every type
  • !update1: 20 spins of every type [New Server]
  • !raremagic: instant magic spin
  • !rarerace: instant race spin
  • !spiritssoon: 25 magic spins
  • !timestats: stat point reset
  • !drdwert: free rewards

Redeem Clover Retribution Codes in Roblox

Note: Roblox codes are case-sensitive. Make sure to copy the exact code from the list above before you paste it. Look for additional spaces and capitalisations used in the code before redeeming it.

Now that you have the list, you will have to redeem these codes in the game to claim rewards. Here is how to do so:

  • Open your Roblox player and launch the Clover Retribution experience.
  • Once in-game, click the text bubble on the top left of your screen.
  • Now, click on chat, enter a working code, and press enter or submit on your keypad.
Open Chat and Type code to redeem in Clover Retribution
Enter the Code in Chat and Submit

Expired Clover Retribution Codes

As mentioned above, Roblox codes expire quickly and need to be replenished after a while. Newer codes are released during in-game events and special occasions. However, at times, these expired codes can work for some players, so test your luck and give them a try.

  • !halloweenstats
  • !halloweenupdate
  • !update1part1
  • !miniupdatelater
  • !14klikes
  • !2millvisits

That ends our code list for Roblox Clover Retribution. If you think a code is missing, share it in the comments below.

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