12 Best Minecraft Desert Seeds for Your Archaeological Expeditions

Better late than never. The archaeological features have finally found their way to the world of Minecraft. However, most of the new items and blocks are hidden far away in the sand of the game. We are here to blow some of it away with some of the best archaeology seeds for Minecraft. From hidden temples to lucky spawn, we have something for everyone. So, without wasting any more of your excavation time, let’s dive in!

1. Desert Village with Temple

Desert Village with Temple

Opening with a jackpot, we have a perfect seed for speedrunning for archaeologists as well as regular players. It generates a large desert village which a bunch of villagers with jobs, including an ironsmith. So, you get almost all your resources to visit the Nether (where you will find the netherite upgrade template) in no time. But before you do that, there is a Desert Pyramid right behind the ironsmith’s hut, which is definitely worth exploring.

As you might already know, the suspicious sand inside the temple can not only lead you to rare pottery shards but even items like diamonds and emeralds. Though, if luck isn’t by your side, the nearby desert wells are there to give you another try.

  • Seed: 7800560586692033726
  • Edition: Bedrock
  • Coordinates: 660, 63, 176

2. Pillagers Protecting Artifacts

Pillagers Protecting Artifacts - Best Archaeology Seeds in Minecraft

The idea of mysterious ancient items and excavations sounds profound and exciting. But, except for long journeys, the archaeological quests don’t really involve any serious risk. This seed tries to change that by spawning a Desert Pyramid right under the nose of a Pillager Outpost. So, you don’t only have to carefully dust the suspicious sand blocks but also avoid Pillagers while doing so.

Even though this situation might sound like an invitation to death in the early part of the game, it’s a great way for you to collect two armor trims in one spot. Along with the archaeological features in Minecraft, these trims are a brand-new addition to the game pushing it towards a new level of creativity.

  • Seed: 7036873027319092
  • Edition: Bedrock
  • Coordinates: -697, 71, -815

3. Hidden Desert Temple Seed

Hidden Desert Temple Best Archaeology Seeds in Minecraft

At this point, most of you already know how to find suspicious sand in Minecraft, so the mystery element of this new block is already fading away. But that doesn’t mean you can unlock a little excavation hunt on your own. This seed spawns a buried Desert Temple, which is impossible to find unless you are looking at it from a particular angle.

With that, the only thing left to discover is how quickly can you unfold the mystery of this ancient structure and get some amazing loot. Not to forget, the nearby badlands mountain can provide you with a bunch of gold and even copper, which you need to easily make a brush in Minecraft, the beginning point for all the archaeology adventures.

  • Seed: 19816
  • Edition: Java
  • Coordinates: -953, 76, 120

4. Three Desert Temples Near Spawn

3 Desert Temples Near Spawn
Analysis via Seed Map

Desert Temples are clearly the winners when it comes to archaeological loot of Minecraft. Still, even if you want to make a single decorated pot, you have to travel to a bunch of them before getting enough pottery shards. This Minecraft seed tries to fix that by generating three Desert Temples close to your spawn point.

Having three temples ensures that you can get at least 6 suspicious sand blocks. But if even this many archaeological blocks aren’t enough, the desert wells that spawn in your route to the temple are there to back you up.

  • Seed: 2183
  • Edition: Java
  • 1st Desert Temple Coordinates: 8, 64, -136
  • Desert Temple with Village Coordinates: -168, 74, 156
  • 3rd Desert Temple Coordinates: 280, 66, 104

5. Spawn in Village Next to a Desert Temple

Spawn in Village Next to a Desert Temple

While there are a bunch of great archaeology desert seeds for Minecraft in our list, a lot of them involve long travels or a lack of non-temple structures. But this seed is different. It provides you with everything you need right at your spawn point, including a desert village that has a Desert Temple and even a bunch of cave openings.

Though, if the temple as a spawn doesn’t fit your needs, you can also visit a nearby desert well and a second Desert Temple, which is visible from the village itself. Moreover, if you keep the nearby water sources and lava pools in mind, this seed is also perfect for speedrunning in Minecraft — even if that wasn’t your main goal. Just make sure to gather a few food items, which are a bit scarce in deserts, before starting your main adventure.

  • Seed: 47179726794
  • Edition: Java
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: 8, 67, 40
  • Desert Well Near Second Temple Coordinates: 236, 63, -119

6. Archaeological Zombies Minecraft Seed

Archaeological Zombies Best Archaeology Seeds in Minecraft

When it comes to forgotten or abandoned history, our list of Minecraft archaeology seeds can’t be complete without including zombie villages. These are structures similar to regular villages but they don’t have anyone caring for or living in them. Instead, these villages have broken huts, cobwebs, dark corners, and a bunch of undead mobs. Sounds spooky, right? Well, that’s why most beginners avoid visiting them.

But the zombie village in this seed is right next to your spawn point and also has a Desert Temple in it. So, it would be a waste of resources if you avoid exploring either of these structures. Moreover, since there are no reliable biomes nearby, there is no alternative to looting if you plan on surviving. Who knows, the suspicious sand might help you gear up enough to even restore a zombie villager into a villager.

  • Seed: 47634270473
  • Edition: Java

7. Lucky Minecraft Archaeology Spawn

Lucky Minecraft Archaeology Spawn

This Minecraft seed is quite special for a variety of reasons. It spawns you in a huge desert village that has multiple farms and even an ironsmith in it. It’s located in an exposed dripstone cave and a beautiful river. However, that’s not all. There is a second large village just a few dozen blocks away with its own benefits including a lava pool.

But, what makes the second village truly special is the Desert Temple sitting on the shore of a river nearby. So, you can get the basic resources from the first village, set sail on a Minecraft boat toward the next one, and loot your way to the temple in the end. All of it makes up for a perfect story-filled adventure that’s waiting to happen.

  • Seed: 11067183474
  • Edition: Java
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: -408, 71, 120
  • Second Village Coordinates: -309, 72, 207

8. Mineshaft, Ruined Portal, and a Temple

Mineshaft, Ruined Portal, and a Temple Best Archaeology Seeds in Minecraft

Giving a subtle nod to the storyline of Minecraft Legends, the ruined portals in the overworld are shattered Nether portals that reflect the aftermath of an ancient war. Naturally, they fit quite well with the whole narrative of archaeological sites but the developers are focusing heavily on the desert structures only.

However, this seed doesn’t play by the rules and spawns a ruined portal merged with a Desert Temple near the spawn. Then, as if this impossible structure wasn’t enough, the seed also generates a massive mineshaft beneath your feet. But before looting it, make sure to visit the nearby desert village.

  • Seed: 5069955
  • Edition: Java
  • Ruined Portal Coordinates: 104, 67, 08
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: 120, 73, -232

9. World of Tomb Raider

World of Tomb Raider

Exploring forgotten structures for artifacts has been a part of video games for a long time and the Tomb Raider series was the leading force behind it. This seed, in a way, replicates the same. It spawns you next to a dense forest on the other side which is a Desert Temple waiting to be excavated. Whether you like to do virtual roleplay or looking for a way to relive the days of Lara Croft, this is the Minecraft archaeology seed for you.

  • Seed: 41649
  • Edition: Java
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: 120, 82, 88

10. Swamp Temple

Swamp Temple

Keep your eyes open and your sense alert because the reward in this seed is a bit harder to spot. You spawn next to a unique mountainous desert village with sits on the shore of a river. On the other side of the river is a beautiful mangrove swamps biome with a hidden desert temple in it.

  • Seed: 49184
  • Edition: Java
  • Desert Temple Coordinates: 120, 77, 120

11. A Dry World in Minecraft

A Dry World

The new archaeology system of Minecraft is bringing players back to the forgotten desert biome of the game. And if you like deserts then this seed is made for you. It throws you next to a Desert Temple located in one of the largest desert areas of all time. There are countless sand blocks all around you. More than you’ll ever need. But, when it comes to food, this seed is going to give you a hard time. So, make sure you create a fish farm as soon as possible to keep yourself fed.

  • Seed: 135900
  • Edition: Java

12. Time to Run in Desert

Time to Run

To end our list of best Minecraft archaeology seeds, we have a dangerous entry that truly puts your survival skills to the test. You spawn on the feet of a Pillager Outpost which sits next to a buried desert temple. However, before you dig out your way to the temple’s entrance, there are at least 5 Pillagers, loaded with crossbows, ready to kill you.

Moreover, the area around the outpost is quite open so there’s almost no way to hide. But, if you somehow survive this tricky situation, the reward doesn’t only include suspicious sand but also a goat horn, sitting on the top floor of the outpost.

  • Seed: 194634185
  • Edition: Java

Now that you know where to find all the new archaeology sites in Minecraft, it’s time to ride a camel and unearth all the suspicious sand. While you are at it, make sure to put on one of the best Minecraft skins to look the part. Not to forget, you can also take the Sniffer on your adventures. It might unearth some items that you can’t even imagine hiding beneath the ground. Having said that, did you come across some other great archaeology seeds? If so, drop them in the comments below!

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