10 Best Galaxy S20 Cases and Covers You Can Buy

While everyone is marveling at the optics capability of the Galaxy S20 Ultra, I feel the standard Galaxy S20 is no slouch either. It has got the flagship specs and fortunately, the device is compact which I am greatly fond of. So if you have pre-ordered the smaller and much nicer Galaxy S20 then you should consider getting a protective case as well. Be assured, I have kept form-factor in mind and have diligently chosen cases that are sleek and does not make the device bulky. Apart from that, I have also mentioned some clear cases so you can show off the radiant Galaxy S20 colors in full glory. So without further delay, let’s jump to the list.

Best Galaxy S20 Cases and Covers

If you have also purchased other Galaxy S20 series devices for you or your family members, you can check the list of best cases and screen protectors for them using links below:

1. Spigen Liquid Air Armor

Spigen Liquid Air Armor is our first pick on this list of best Galaxy S20 cases. And the reason is its all-around sturdy protection, beautiful design, comfortable grip, and matte black finish on the back. All the great qualities of a case packed into one. Despite all these features, the case is quite thin and maintains a slim and form-fitted design. Since the Galaxy S20 is relatively small in hand, be assured this case will not make your device bulkier. And there are raised lips around the screen and camera module too so your device is well protected from all sides. I would say, if you want a well-rounded case for the Galaxy S20, do check out the Spigen Liquid case. Also, there are other cases by Spigen for Galaxy S20 so explore those as well from the link below.

1. Spigen Liquid Air Armor Best Galaxy S20 Cases and Covers

Buy from Amazon: $10.99

Explore Spigen Cases for the Galaxy S20

2. Caseology Vault

Caseology is another excellent option that you should take a look at if you want the best Galaxy S20 case. Their Caseology Vault series is one of the best-looking cases and the Burgundy one is particularly appealing. Besides the look, you also get a tough and rigid case that is built using shockproof TPU material. Basically, the case is designed to withstand everyday impact, be it drops or minor scuffs. Apart from that, the case comes with tactile buttons and has raised lips around the screen and camera lens. Not to mention, Caseology Vault is compatible with wireless charging so that is great. If for some reason, you don’t like the Vault case, you can check out other Caseology cases too.

2. Caseology Vault

Buy from Amazon: $13.99

Explore Caseology Cases for the Galaxy S20

3. Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases and Covers

Having talked about Spigen and Caselogy, let’s now take a look at the official Galaxy S20 cases. While the prices of official cases will be a bit on the higher side, the cases are quite good nonetheless. You have a total of six cases to choose from: LED Wallet Cover, S-View Flip Cover, Leather Cover, Silicone Cover, LED Back Cover and finally Rugged Standing cover. All these cases and covers have unique features right from notification controls to effortless video watching. So based on your preference, you can go ahead and pick a case for your Galaxy S20.

3. Official Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases and Covers

Buy from Samsung: Available after March 6th

4. Snakehive Leather Case

If you want a premium leather case for your Galaxy S20 then look no further than Snakehive. The company is pretty reputable when it comes to leather cases and has been making some great wallet cases for iPhones. And now you can get the same leather case for your Galaxy S20 as well. They come in multiple colors and have this vintage look and feel to the case. As per the company, the leather is genuine and made from European full-grain cowhide nubuck leather. And since the case is wrapped from all corners, you are well sorted on the protection front too. Simply put, if you want a genuine leather case for the Galaxy S20, get one from Snakehive and be done with it.

4. Snakehive Leather Case

Buy from Snakehive: $37.99

5. OtterBox Commuter Series

OtterBox comes to mind whenever you want a case for extreme protection. So if you are looking for a Galaxy S20 case that can provide full-body protection and don’t mind the extra heft then I have no hesitation in recommending the OtterBox Commuter Series case. The case is made of hard TPU shell and comes with shockproof layers around the corners. In essence, it can withstand hard falls and accidental drops easily and without damaging the device. While the case is a bit thick, you have direct access to open buttons and ports. Apart from that, if you want to browse other OtterBox cases then you can do so from the link below.

5. OtterBox

Buy from Amazon: $40.95

Explore OtterBox Cases for the Galaxy S20

6. Temdan

Temdan is somewhat a unique case on this list as it not only protects the body but also the display with a dedicated screen protector. In tandem, it’s a heavy-duty case with a built-in reinforcement frame having a screen protector onto the front and a scratch-resistant TPU cover on the back. The case further brings shock absorption cushion around the corners for surviving heavy drops. And the best part is that, despite all this, the case still feels sleek and lightweight. So, if you want a case for your Galaxy S20 that can also protect the display in a full-proof way then go with Temdan heavy-duty case. It’s well worth the price.

6. Temdan Best Galaxy S20 Cases and Covers

Buy from Amazon: $17.99

7. Totallee Clear Case

Totallee offers a clear case for the Galaxy S20 and it looks amazing in its neat transparent look. Sure, the price of the case is a bit steep, but if you want to show off your Galaxy S20 in your favorite color — be it grey, blue, pink or black — then you should splurge a bit, right? Further, the case brings a comfortable grip due to a rubbery finish on the back. In addition, there are shock-absorption padding as well around the corners. So, what more do you need? Just buy the Totallee clear case and show off your colorful Galaxy S20 in full glory.

7. Totallee Clear Case

Buy from Amazon: $35


Spidercase is an alternative to the Temdan case that I have mentioned above. It’s a heavy-duty case with a hard polycarbonate frame around the edges and a transparent TPU cover on the back. However, it does not come with a dedicated screen protector. The company claims that the hard frame will significantly reduce the damage to the screen because of raised lips. Other than that, the edge of the frame is rugged so you will get a much better grip while using the device. Not to mention, the case supports wireless charging on the Galaxy S20 so there is that. All in all, if you want a heavy-duty case for your Galaxy S20 minus the screen protector then Spidercase is the one you should pick.


Buy from Amazon: $15.99

9. DiMiK Silicone Case

If you find the official silicone case too expensive, you can grab the Dimik case at an affordable price. It looks very similar to the official case and has an ultra-thin fit and finish which is great. The case is made of flexible TPU material so it’s quite lightweight too. And to provide a decent grip to the Galaxy S20, the case has a matte finish on the back. The edges are slightly raised around the screen and camera module to offer some sort of protection from accidental drops. I would suggest, if you want a minimal and sleek case then opt for Dimik silicone case. It gives you decent protection from drops and keeps the body as thin as possible.

9. DiMiK Silicone Case Best Galaxy S20 Cases and Covers

Buy from Amazon: $7.99

10. MoKo Clear Case

MoKo is our final case on this list. As I mentioned, it’s a clear case but does not compromise on the protection front. The transparent case comes with a 1mm raised bezel around the screen and a 2mm bumper around the camera. Further, there is shockproof air cushioning as well which absorbs drop impact and saves the device from any kind of damage. With all the protection, you still get a clear case so you can show off your colorful Galaxy S20 as you like. To conclude, if you want both protection and transparency in a clear case then Moko is the one you should get.

10. MoKo Clear Case Best Galaxy S20 Cases and Covers

Buy from Amazon: $8.99

Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S20

So those are our picks for the best Galaxy S20 cases and covers across price range, material choice, and design. We have included cases for all kinds of users — users who drops their phone regularly or users who want to keep their device as slim as possible. So go ahead and pick one from the list and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Anyway, that is all from us. If you found the article informative or you couldn’t find a suitable case for your Galaxy S20 then do let us know in the comment section below.

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