10 Best eBay Alternatives for Selling Products

For over two and a half decades, eBay (established in 1995) has been a go-to platform for sellers (and buyers alike). And why not, very few online marketplaces offer the huge customer base and reach to sellers as eBay. Couple that with the low listing and fairly affordable commission fees and you have got a lucrative e-Commerce platform that ticks off most boxes. But then again, the e-Commerce site is not without any cons. While some may dislike the limited control over how the store looks and operates, others may find less visibility for slow shippers a bit too much to handle. Not to mention, the bargain shoppers that are always hunting for the cheapest possible deals badly hurt the profit margin. Whatever could be the reason for your switching loyalty, I have rounded up the best eBay alternatives for selling products.

Best eBay Alternatives You Should Try in 2020

Fortunately, there are tons of e-commerce sites that can give a strong competition to e-Bay on most fronts. While some platforms don’t charge anything for listings, others take a relatively low commission. And then, there are sites that provide complete freedom to run your business in a way that works well for you. Keeping in mind various things like a massive customer base, competition, and profit margin, I have listed out the best alternatives to eBay so that finding an ideal replacement is never a big deal for you. With that being said, let’s find out what these top e-commerce platforms have in store for you!

1. Amazon

Right at the top, without any surprise, of this lineup is Amazon. Though the site started as merely an online bookstore, it has become by far the largest online marketplace in the world. Offering millions of products across a wide range of categories, the eCommerce platform is the one-stop platform for both buyers and sellers. And that’s exactly what makes it a great alternative to eBay.

Amazon - Best Overall eBay alternatives

Amazon provides a huge customer base which can turn out to be a boon for your business. But keep in mind, the unmatched customer base also warrants higher fees and cut-throat-competition. Unlike eBay, Amazon is a fully retail setup and that plays a vital role in expediting sales with fixed price. One thing to note here is that Amazon’ sole focus is on its buyers. In cases of disputes, its mostly sellers who have to eat up the costs. So, keep that in mind before you start featuring your products here.

When it comes to pricing, while eBay charges sellers for listing on the site (beyond the basic limit) and also take some commission on products sold, Amazon allows you to list for free. However, you will need to pay $0.99 per item sold and the commission for the sale (for basic, free seller’s account). Overall, Amazon stands out as a market place due mainly to the massive customer base.


  • Provides a huge customer base
  • Allows you to list for free
  • A great platform for major sellers 


  • Higher fees
  • Cut-throat-competition
  • Competition with Amazon’s own offerings

Visit: Website 

2. Etsy

For the folks who are hunting for an eBay alternative where they can sell out their vintage items, handmade stuff, and craft supplies, Etsy has to be a pretty safe bet. Moreover, this online marketplace has also been ranked as the top Seller’s Choice for ease of use.


As compared to eBay which is known to be a huge platform for mass-sold items and world’s famous brands, Etsy is considered to be a niche-specific market for handmade products. Liike the former, it also charges a listing fee. While eBay allows listings for up to 10/30 days for a fixed price, Etsy allows listings for up to 4 months. Moreover, it charges only a $0.20 listing fee per item as well as a fixed 3.5% commission which makes it a cheaper alternative to eBaby (and of course Amazon).


  • Better platform for selling vintage and handmade items 
  • Allows listings for up to 4 months
  • Charges only a $0.20 listing fee per item


  • Niche-specific market
  • Less traffic than eBay

Visit: Website 

3. Walmart

Thanks to a huge reach and customer base, Walmart is a notable alternative to eBay. Though one of the largest retail corporations in the world doesn’t yet seem to be a go-to e-Commerce destination for most sellers, it is slowly but steadily gaining ground. And therefore, it presents a great opportunity for the sellers who are hunting for an eCommerce marketplace with a massive new customer base.


Walmart is free and pretty easy to set up. Moreover, you don’t require to pay any maintenance fees. Merchants just need to pay a referral fee of 8 -20% for successful sales. Unlike eBay, it doesn’t offer any auction option and allows only fixed price listings.

Based on your products, you might be up against some of the Wallmart’s products. Though Walmart’s online sales are gaining momentum, they are nowhere near eBay. But they are expected to increase rapidly. Considering all the factors, it appears to be a fantastic platform for established businesses with popular brands.


  • Free and pretty easy to set up
  • Doesn’t pay any maintenance fees
  • Referral fee of 8 -20% for successful sales


  • Competition with Walmart’s products 
  • Comparatively low online sales 

Visit: Website 

4. Bonanza

“Bonanza” may be less popular than eBay and might be relatively new on the e-commerce horizon, but it’s fast turning out to be a giant-killer. So, if you are a seller looking for a platform that can give a big boost to your business, give serious consideration to it. The website has thousands of sellers from nearly every country. Not to mention, Bonanza has also got a very high rating. In the prestigious Sellers’ Choice awards, it is ranked right at the top when it comes to communication. Besides, it left behind all other rivals to win the top ranking for the most recommended selling venue.



Like eBay, Bonanza sells a wide range of products. But as compared to the famed counterpart, it’s considered to be better for unique items. Besides, it won’t charge you anything for listing items. Therefore, you may have much higher profit margins. When it comes to charges, it varies. The average fee per sale could be as low as 3.5% that makes this fixed-price marketplace a great proposition.


  • Doesn’t charge anything for listing items
  • Transparent communication 
  • More flexible selling platform 
  • Sells a wide range of products


  • More suited for unique items 
  • Comparatively low customer base

Visit: Website 

5. eBid

eBid is yet another marketplace that’s quite similar to eBay. However, unlike its more popular rival, it lacks both a huge customer base and reach. But if your requirement is for a lower-cost alternative to eBay, you can’t go wrong with it. For starters, you won’t have to pay anything for listing on this e-commerce platform. Besides, it takes a comparatively low 3% commission.


Like eBay, eBid provides an auction-style format for product listings. As for product categories, both these marketplaces are for a wide variety of items. But the eBid’s free listings and low commission make it a much better option for the sellers who are willing to take a plunge into the low-risk market. Though it receives less traffic, you can speed up the sales by promoting your items on popular forums and social networking sites.


  • You won’t have to pay anything for listing
  • Low 3% commission
  • Low-risk market


  • Relatively low reach

Visit: Website 


What stands out eCRATER is being a 100% free online marketplace. So, if you are willing to give fairly good exposure to your products without having to spend any money, it would be a smart alternative to eBay. The e-commerce site also offers tons of ready-made templates which can come in really handy in letting you create impressive store without even breaking a sweat.


While you can open and run a store on eCRATER free of cost, you will need to pay 2.9% of the total fee of an item if it brings you a sale, which is still low as compared to what you have to pay at many other platforms including eBay. Overall, this seems to be a great alternative to eBay and you should check it out.


  • 100% free online marketplace
  • Offers tons of ready-made templates
  • Charges 2.9% of the total fee of an item


  • You may have to spend a lot on your store’s marketing
  • A lot depends on you to drive traffic to your store

Visit: Website 

7. Ruby Lane

Should your priority lies with selling vintage products and think that eBay is just not living up to your billing, Ruby Lane would be worth giving a chance. As compared to the former, it targets a niche market of art, antiques, jewelry, vintage collectibles, and more. Despite being a niche-market platform, it does have a significant global reach.

Ruby Lane

That said, Ruby Lane is more popular in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia. Unlike, eBay, it’s a fixed-price marketplace. Though it doesn’t charge any commission, you will need to pay $0.19 per listing. Besides, it also charges a maintenance fee ($69 from small sellers and $0.01 per item from big sellers).

And when you include the $100 set-up, the overall cost does seem a bit high. Nevertheless, if you are in quest of a trusted platform for selling out vintage items, it can fit into the needs pretty well.


  • Targets a niche market of art, antiques, jewelry, vintage collectibles and more
  • Fixed-price marketplace
  • Significant global reach


  • A great e-Commerce platform for selling vintage items 
  • Overall cost seems a bit high 

Visit: Website 

8. Newegg

Just in case you are searching for one of the best online marketplaces like eBay for everything tech, look no further than Newegg. It touts to be the number one platform for everything related to technologies. And after taking a close look at what it has to offer, I must say that it’s right up there with the best in the business.


From electronic items, computers, smartphones to gaming products, it has got you fully covered. In terms of global reach, it has a presence in over 50 countries. Unlike eBay, it provides a fulfillment service that is similar to Amazon’s FBA. The e-commerce platform provides multiple membership options such as free, $29.95/month and $99.95/month. The higher the membership tier, the more flexibility, listings, and support you get. As for the commission rate, it charges between 8% and 15%.


  • Presence in over 50 countries
  • Provides a fulfillment service
  • Multiple membership options


  • Allows to sell only tech items 

Visit: Website 

9. Rakuten

Formerly known as buy.com, Rakuten has got everything covered to give a strong competition to not only eBay but also Amazon. No wonder, it’s widely known as the Amazon of Japan thanks to the massive popularity. Like eBay (and unlike Amazon), this online marketplace doesn’t compete with its sellers.


Moreover, there are quite a few major brands Lenovo, Airweave, and Dell that use this platform. Another notable feature of this e-commerce site is that it offers you plenty of options to ideally customize your store. Unlike eBay, it’s a traditional online site and doesn’t provide an auction system. Though the website doesn’t have a huge reach, it’s available in 29 countries including the US.

Talking about the fees, it’s a bit higher than that of eBay. It charges a $33/month seller fee. While the product category fee stands between 8%-15%, the commission fee is $0.99 per item sold. Despite the high price, Rakuten is a fairly good alternative to eBay.


  • Known as the Amazon of Japan
  • Available in 29 countries including the US
  • Offers you plenty of options to ideally customize your store


  • High fees

Visit: Website 

10. Mercari

When there is a race to find an able alternative to eBay, leaving a competent e-commerce marketplace like Mercari would be a mistake. Founded in 2013, it’s currently available only in three countries: Japan, UK, and the US. While it can’t go neck and neck against eBay when it comes to reach and customer base, it’s very popular in Japan and also finding its feet in other countries where it’s currently operating.


The e-commerce company claims that 100,000 new and used items are added to its catalog each day. You can sign up and list items on Mercari for free. But the company will charge a flat 10% selling fee when a sale is over. Additionally, it will also charge a $2 fee for direct deposit requests under $10.


  • Offers good terms to sellers
  • 100,000 new and used items are added to its catalog each day
  • Allows you to sign up and list items for free 


  • Doesn’t have a global presence 

Visit: Website 

Bonus: Facebook Marketplace

Surprised to see Facebook Marketplace in this roundup? You shouldn’t be. Facebook’s e-commerce platform may have just forayed onto the scene and might be a newbie in the seemingly crowded market but it wouldn’t be wise to overlook this platform, given how popular the social networking site is with its 2.41 billion users around the world.

10 Best eBay Alternatives for Selling Products

Driven by the local community, Facebook Marketplace doesn’t charge any fee. So, anyone can create a local store and a buyer base. Besides, it’s much easier to list and sell. As for the downsides, it doesn’t provide the same protections as eBay. And there is also a possibility of fraudulent offers. Overlooking these shortcomings, Facebook Marketplace seems to be a fine option for the resellers who want to test the water.


  • Driven by the local community
  • Doesn’t charge any fee


  • Doesn’t provide the same protections as eBay
  • Possibility of fraudulent offers

Visit: Website

Choose the Best Alternatives to eBay

There you go! With several popular e-commerce platforms vying for attention, I hope you have found the right site for your business. But before you begin to create an awesome store and list items, do not forget to share your feedback about it and the things you have found praiseworthy in it. Also, mention the names of e-commerce sites that are missing from the above roundup.

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  • Boris says:

    Selling on ebay is like buying a scratchcard with the amount of scammers these days since ebay and PayPal will always side with them.

    • Joe says:

      That hasn’t been my experience. I was able to get $800 refunded when someone tried to beat me on Macbook purchase. That’s only one example, I know, maybe others aren’t as fortunate.

  • nguyen says:

    Thank you for the list and ideas! There maybe a couple options, so I will check them out. (Bonanza, ecrater, Mercari look hopeful). The rest? not so much.

    Amazon: You can’t list anything on Amazon, it is very restrictive. Plus, they charge a TON of fees when its said and done. The only thing that I have been able to sell on there are books, because they don’t restrict the crud out of doing so. Want to sell your tires, or iphone, or laptop? Nope, can’t do it. Not only that, but I was recently restricted from selling books for some reason. Was told I need to verify who I am, after selling 16 years there they don’t know who I am. Weird. I would add, I have 100% positive feedback on Amazon..

    etsy/ruby lane: not alternatives to ebay, unless you already sell in very niche markets. Again , ebay allows you to sell hundreds of different items (categories). etsy? Nope.

    Walmart/Newegg: Not alternatives for the average person, unless you already have a business. But if you are just looking to sell 0-40 things a month that you no longer need, newegg and walmart aren’t for you. ebay is, though.

    Facebook: I thought ebay was expensive..wow facebook is VERY expensive. not worth it.

    ebid: no traffic and I mean NONE. I listed popular items (cell phones, video games) and did not sell anything in a year, so I took them down.

    I will perhaps look at bonanza, ecrater and mercari and maybe get a few sales there. Thank you

    • Andres says:

      Thank you for these helpful information. It looks like you are very experienced with these and that kind of store.
      I am very sorry about your terrible experience with Amazon. I taking on my inner voice. From the beginning, I feel Amazon very negative, so I was not wrong.
      I will check more as we are looking for a kind of business which isn´t different much.

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