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eBay new trading card scanning feature

eBay’s App Will Soon Let You Scan Pokemon Trading Cards You Want to Sell

To help sellers easily share good images of their products on its platform, eBay added a feature to automatically remove image backgrounds last year....

eBay Now Lets Android Users Use Face/Fingerprint Recognition on its Mobile Website

Tired of entering passwords every time you log in to eBay on a mobile web browser? Worry not, the e-commerce giant has implemented a...
10 Best eBay Alternatives for Selling Products

10 Best eBay Alternatives for Selling Products

For over two and a half decades, eBay (established in 1995) has been a go-to platform for sellers (and buyers alike). And why not,...
oli frost ebay facebook data

eBay Blocks Man From Auctioning Away His Facebook Data, But He’s Selling it Anyway

Getting their private data out in the open could be a netizen's worst nightmare but for Oli Frost it was an opportunity to make...