Top 10 Contacts and Dialer Apps For Android Devices

If we were to ask you the primary functions of your snazzy new smart phone, you’d probably exhaust the list with social media interactions, gaming, business, blogging and other activities. Calling would probably figure somewhere towards the end of your list.

Phones these days often come with brand specific dialer UIs pre-installed. Thanks to Android, customizing and personalizing the dialer too is supremely easy. More often than not, the syncing of various accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, GMail etc lead to an extensive list . This leads to the need of segregating and grouping contacts, filtering and the need for easy search options minus lags.

For these purposes we have listed the top 10 dialer apps currently available in the Android market.

1. ExDialer & Contacts


Basic functionality meets easy usage and extensive features in this application. The Ex dialer borrows heavily from other apps to create something unique. It has T9 input, easy messaging and calling gestures along with customization(s) to boot.  The original UI is neat and clean but for users who love to add a personal touch to their phone, the app offers a wide array of choices.

The app also lets you place VoIP calls using your Skype or Viber accounts as well. The app also has 30 languages integrated into it thus making it popular world wide amongst users.

Developer: Modoohut

Availability: Download free from Google Play Store.

2. Contacts+


Contacts+ is a  beautifully built address book, which stands out from the crowd because it integrates your social networks and other messaging applications into one neat user interface, pulling metadata and other relevant information on your contacts, including photos into a streamlined and modern interface.

On set up, the app asks you to integrate and sync with your various social media accounts and get their updates as well. In terms of managing and organizing your contact list, the application offers a fantastic way to sort and apply groups to your contacts.  It has an in built messaging board and is recommended for those who like aesthetics with functionality.

Developer: Contact Plus Team

Availability: Download free from Play Store.

3. Go Contacts Pro

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From the immensely popular Go developers, we have the Go Contacts Pro dialer. Just as with the Go Launcher, users have the luxury of customizing every tiny detail of their dialers. While the app does sync your social media accounts and provides pictures for contacts, it is not quite as extensive with live updates.  It does have all the nifty features one would normally expect in good dialer and does not pose the problems of lags while working.

It is completely free with no additional GO apps needed for its running.

Developer: GO Launcher Ex

Availability: Download free from Play Store.

4. Contakts

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A visually stunning address book, Contakts is a must have for those who have an eye for beauty. The app displays all the information it can garner about the people you contact the most. It also shows you graphs depicting how much time you talk or chat with whom. The app pulls information from Google, Whatsapp, Facebook etc and seamlessly blends it with the people on your list. Contakts does not have an inbuilt messaging app but does offer a lot of customization options.

The app is free, and ad supported, but you can remove ads via in app purchase.

Developer: Raunaq Sawhney

Availability: Download from Play Store.

5. RocketDial Dialer & Contacts

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RocketDial is quite similar to HTC’s Sense dialer. It is quick, elegant and intuitive. It boasts of a smart search engine with adjustable dialer keypad sizes. Also, the app allows you to select which accounts you wish to access or sync. It has gesture support, allows you to create groups and also has an inbuilt  nifty messaging app.

Developer: Inteligeen

Availability: Download  free from Play Store.

6. PixelPhone


PixelPhone is a stunningly powerful phone dialer that offers extensive customization options to users. It has an integrated phone book with favorites and groups tabs and a T9-based dialer that supports various gestures.

Moreover, PixelPhone is very smooth and fast. It also offers dual SIM support and automatic switching between SIMs. The app is quick, stylish and does not lag.

Developer: PixelRush

Availability: Trial and Pro versions available on Play Store.

7. Dialapp

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The app does not boast of any new feature but yes, it is fast and offers complete support along with themes. It does have a Magic list which predicts the people you’ll most likely call  based on predictive patterns based on algorithms.

It does let you have tiny contacts, a quick caller list and other such segregated groups.

Developer: dexetra

Availability: Download free from Play Store

8. Dialer One


This app is another amazing addition amongst the various dialers available on droid. Dialer One also allows you to export your calls, search calls and contacts via two different languages (again, multilingual support) and even allows you to filter by call type, group, and organization.

Apart from multilingual support, the app allows speed dialling, contact export and many other features.

Developer: 2GIS Apps

Availability: Download  free from Play Store.

9. Swipe Dialer

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Swipe Dialer  allows you to customize the feel of the app via the many themes it features. In addition to being able to make Swipe Dialer look beautiful, it also allows you to call your favorite people in landscape mode, delete one/all call logs via one quick long-press, and so much more.

Developer: Mike Barnett

Availability: Download  free from Play Store.

10. Simple Dialler

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As the name suggests it is a simplistic dialer for those unhappy with the pre-loaded dialer and requiring a basic one. It has a large keypad which can be customized and is specially beneficial for people with vision problems.

Developer: Aamir Logde

Availability: Download free from Play store.

We suggest you take a look at the above mentioned dialers and find the perfect one for your needs. Android has a vast number of apps and choosing the right one can be quite cumbersome. A customized dialer helps in improving the overall experience of using your phone while obviously making it look better.

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