This Aventurine-Dr. Ratio Fan Theory Is Blowing My Mind, but Could It Be True?

Honkai Star Rail 2.0 trailblazing missions were nothing short of a wild ride, featuring twists and turns all the way. However, it doesn’t stop there as a new fan theory has been concocted in the Honkai Star Rail community, first put forth by Meteor-Z on Bilibili, that Aventurine was actually Dr. Ratio in disguise during much of the 2.0 trailblazing missions.

Now before you start calling this nonsense, and other names, the evidence put forward by Meteor-Z is pretty solid, with only a few loopholes. So, let’s do a deep dive and find out whether Dr. Ratio is really disguising as Aventurine in Honkai Star Rail 2.0 trailblazing Missions.

Where It All Began…Aventurine Speaking With Sparkle

Recently, a Twitter thread by a user named Lawless started trending in the Honkai Star Rail space, garnering a lot of engagement. The post puts forth a theory about Dr. Ratio disguising himself as Aventurine during his conversation with Sparkle. Lawless continues by saying that this theory was put forth by Meteor-Z on Bilibili in Chinese, and he is only providing a translation through this tweet.

Now, you may be wondering if this is just a wild claim or if there is any evidence backing up this argument. The tweet actually provides a lot of interesting evidence to support this theory.

Is Aventurine Really Dr. Ratio?

Now, it is not possible to go over all the evidence, as some of them are very minor details, here I will go over the major evidence put forward that supports this theory, and also point out some of the fallacies in the argument. So tighten your seatbelts because it is gonna be a wild ride.

Evidence 1: Aventurine Being Very Specific With Time

Aventurine being specific with the time
In-game Screenshot: Captured By Sanmay Chakrabarti

The entire theory crafting starts with a simple mention of time from Aventurine during his conversation with Sparkle. When Sparkle confronts Aventurine, saying he has been stalking her for half a system hour, Aventurine corrects her that “to be precise, it’s been 45 minutes”.

DR. Ratio being highly specific with time
In-game Screenshot: Captured By Sanmay Chakrabarti

We know of another character who uses very specific time counts in conversations, and that is Dr. Ratio. During Dr. Ratio’s conversation with Aventurine, he mentions that Aventurine is late by “four minutes and sixteen seconds”.

Aventurine Being Unspecific with time
In-game Screenshot: Captured By Sanmay Chakrabarti

Now, you might be thinking that Aventurine may also have a habit of using specific times, however, the only other scenario where Aventurine does mention time in the Trailblazing missions, he does mention it in an unspecific way.

Evidence 2: Aventurine Sounds Off in His Conversation with Sparkle

One major off-putting thing about the Aventurine and Sparkle conversation is that Aventurine doesn’t sound like himself. His voice is not as flowery, and he is very precise with the way he speaks. Yes, the voice actor is definitely the same, but the delivery is very different. This wouldn’t be that big of a deal, however, we have seen a similar scenario with Robin.

Welt Commenting on Robins Voice
In-game Screenshot: Captured By Sanmay Chakrabarti

Now, it was revealed that Robin is dead and someone was disguising as Robin with Sunday, likely Sparkle. Welt after meeting Robin commented to Himeko that her voice sounded off. This puts a big emphasis on the voice being off with disguising. However, it can also be the case that Aventurine simply didn’t want to sound flowery with Sparkle and much rather cut to the point, as he knew it wouldn’t work on her.

Evidence 3: Dr. Ratio’s Sticker Location

Honkai Star Rail 2.0 introduced a new event, the Dreamscape Sticker Book. In this event, players needed to collect stickers found throughout Penacony to fill the Sticker Book. One of the sections included characters found in Penacony. The stickers for the characters are generally located at the area where Trailblazers first met that character in Penacony.

Dr Ratio Sticker location compared to Aventurine and Sparkles Conversation
Image Courtesy: Twitter/@Lawless2031923

However, trailblazers never actually meet Dr. Ratio in Penacony, yet his sticker can be found very close to the place where Aventurine and Sparkle have their conversation. In the image, the area marked as 1 is Dr. Ratio’s sticker location, whereas the area marked as 2 is where the conversation took place.

Evidence 4: The Conversation Takes Place in Dreamscape

One of the biggest fallacies in this theory is Dr. Ratio not having any ability to disguise, which we know of. We only know that Sparkle has disguising skills as a masked fool. However, you have forgotten one thing, the conversation takes place inside the dreamscape.

Now, in the 2.0 Trailblaze missions it pretty much describes that assuming someone else’s identity is a possibility in the Dreamscape and one of the rules clearly mentions not to do it. This only reinforces the claims that Dr. Ratio can disguise as Aventurine inside Dreamscape, keeping his original identity hidden.

Rules in Dreamscape Pass
In-game Screenshot: Captured By Sanmay Chakrabarti

But disguising is one thing, acting as the other person is very different. Now, most players assumed Aventurine was the real Aventurine during the Sparkle conversation, even if the voice sounded a bit off. So if this theory is true, then Dr. Ratio must have done amazing acting to fool the players.

Now, we know Dr. Ratio is a good actor from the Crown of the Mundane and Divine trailblaze continuance mission. During that mission, Dr. Ratio behaved as a participant with the Trailblazer in discovering the secrets, however, we later learned that he actually orchestrated the entire thing. So, Dr. Ratio does have good acting skills.

Fallacies In the Provided Evidence

The above-mentioned pieces of evidence are not the only ones provided by Meteor-Z. They are simply the ones that are very solid and support the theory. However, there are many other pieces of evidence put forth by him, which have many loopholes and go against the theory. Here are all the loopholes in the other provided evidence.

Fallacy 1: Sparkle Calling Aventurine Sigonian

Sparkle calling Aventurine a Sigonian
In-game Screenshot: Captured By Sanmay Chakrabarti

During the Aventurine and Sparkle conversation, Sparkle asks if Aventurine is from Sigonia because of his beautiful eyes, and Aventurine responds with “Need another hint? I’m an Avgin”. Now, in the Twitter thread, this part of the conversation has been put forth as evidence that despite Aventurine’s claims of being an Avgin, Sparkle still calls him a Sigonian, indicating she was referring to someone in disguise.

Dr Ratio Remarks on Aventurines Sigonian Upbringing
In-game Screenshot: Captured By Sanmay Chakrabarti

However, this evidence is completely broken when we review the Aventurine and Dr. Ratio conversation. In this conversation, Dr. Ratio also mentions Aventurine as a Sigonian. Also, the word Avgin is also used by Aventurine in the conversation with Dr. Ratio, saying he was taught that friends are weapons of Avgins. Also, Avgin is marked as Honey in the Honkai Star Rail English subtitles.

Fallacy 2: Dr. Ratio Disappearing After Tavern is Mentioned

Dr Ratio Disappearing When Tavern is Mentioned by Aventurine
In-game Screenshot: Captured By Sanmay Chakrabarti

Another big piece of evidence put forth in the theory was how Dr. Ratio disappears during the Aventurine and Dr. Ratio conversation when Aventurine mentions the Tavern. This evidence was used to speculate that Dr. Ratio heard that Aventurine had not made contact with the Tavern (masked fools) yet, and that’s why went to have a conversation with Sparkle by disguising himself as Aventurine.

Aventurine Talking About Acheron With Dr Ratio
In-game Screenshot: Captured By Sanmay Chakrabarti

However, this evidence also has a major loophole, as Dr. Ratio is truly revealed to disappear when Aventurine comments on meeting Acheron and asks for information about her. This is very likely that Dr. Ratio had information about Acheron, but didn’t want to reveal anything to Aventurine.

Fallacy 3: Dr. Ratio Never Lies

Dr Ratio mentions going back and talking to the corporation
In-game Screenshot: Captured By Sanmay Chakrabarti

We haven’t seen much of Dr. Ratio in Honkai Star Rail, however, in each of his encounters, I have noticed that he never lies. He might hide information, or divert the question, but Dr. Ratio never lies directly.

If he did disguise as Aventurine during the discussion with Sparkle, it also sparks a conversation that he did finally lie, as he called himself an Avgin. However, Dr. Ratio’s character so far doesn’t showcase him as a liar. Also, Dr. Ratio is a very pragmatic person. The idea of him disguising himself as someone else doesn’t fit his personality at all.

Verdict: Is Dr. Ratio Disguising as Aventurine?

The theory of Dr. Ratio disguising as Aventurine during the Sparkle conversation is unbelievable at first, but some of the evidence put forward by Meteor-Z is very strong. However, there are also many loopholes in the arguments and the act of disguising doesn’t go along Dr. Ratio’s character.

It is hard to judge whether this fan theory is correct or not before we learn more about the Penacony story in the upcoming missions. But, if I had to make a bet, I would say that Dr. Ratio is not disguised as Aventurine in that conversation. Nonetheless, the Penacony arc is going to be highly memorable if they continue adding twists as they have done so far. Also, I urge all of you to go wild in the comments, sharing your opinions and fan theories.

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