Honkai Star Rail: Himeko Pure Fiction Best Build

In Short
  • Himeko is a 5-star Erudition character with the Fire Damage type and is best suited for Pure Fiction.
  • Her best relic sets are 4-piece The Ashblazing Grand Duke and 2-piece Inert Salsotto. The Night on the Milky Way is the best Light Cone for Himeko.
  • Himeko's best team comp in Pure Fiction features Himeko, Topaz, Ruan Mei, and Luocha.

Himeko is a 5-star Erudition character with the Fire Damage type and she is always available in the Standard banner. Himeko has always been considered a weaker 5-star character, but she is an absolute beast in the latest Pure Fiction game mode. If you have Himeko, here is how you can build her best for Pure Fiction in Honkai Star Rail.

How to Get Himeko in Honkai Star Rail


Himeko is among the six Standard Banner 5-star characters in Honkai Star Rail. Most players get Himeko after losing their 50-50 on limited banners or during the 5-star guaranteed pull in the beginner banners. She can also be selected from the 300 selectable guaranteed pull in the Standard Banner, but we don’t recommend it.

Himeko’s Kit and Cycle Rotation in Pure Fiction (At Max Level)

Himeko’s kit is completely focused on Weakness Breaking enemies, which in turn triggers her AoE Follow-up attacks. Let’s look closer at Himeko’s kit in Honkai Star Rail to understand how to ideally play her.

  • Sawblade Tuning (Basic Attack): Deals Fire Damage to a single target equal to 130% of Himeko’s Attack.
  • Molten Detonation (Skill): Deals Blast Fire Damage equal to 250% of Himeko’s attack to the primary target and 100% of her attack to the adjacent enemies.
  • Heavenly Flare (Ultimate): Deals AoE Fire Damage equal to 276% of Himeko’s Attack to all enemies. Furthermore, regenerates 5 extra energy for each enemy defeated.
Himeko Honkai Star Rail
  • Victory Rush (Talent): Weakness-breaking enemies gives 1 point of Charge to Himeko (max 3 points). At 3 points of Charge, Himeko performs an AoE Follow-up attack, dealing Fire Damage equal to 175% for her attack, consuming all the Charge points. Himeko gains 1 point of Charge at the start of the battle.
  • Incomplete Combustion (Technique): Creates a dimension for 15 seconds, which gives a 100% base chance to increase Fire Damage taken by enemies by 10% for 2 turns.

Himeko excels when you weakness-break enemies, either with Himeko or her allies. Focus your attacks on weaker and newly respawned enemies in Pure Fiction to easily weakness-break them, using her Skill and Ultimate. This will trigger her Follow-up attack, which does high AoE damage.

Himeko has only grown stronger since its release because of the new relics introduced in Honkai Star Rail. With the correct relics, planar ornaments, and stats, Himeko can output some serious damage. Here are Himeko’s best relic sets and stats in HSR.

Relics for Best Himeko Pure Fiction Build

Ashblazing Grand Duke Relic Set
Best for Himeko
  • 4-Piece The Ashblazing Grand Duke (Best for Himeko)
  • 4-Piece Firesmith of Lava Forging (Best Alternative)

The 4-piece Ashblazing Grand Duke is a clear favorite for Himeko, because of her high Follow-up attack damage. This relic set will further increase the damage of her Follow-up attacks and the 4-piece buff stacks easily in Pure Fiction. The 4-Piece Firesmith of Lava Forging is a good alternative as it increases her Fire and Skill damage.

Planar Ornaments for Best Himeko Pure Fiction Build

Inert Salsotto planar ornament set
Best for Himeko
  • 2-piece Inert Salsotto (Best for Himeko)
  • 2-piece Rutilant Arena (Best Alternative)

The 2-piece Inert Salsotto is the best Planar Ornament set for Himeko, as it increases her Follow-up attack damage and Crit Rate. The Rutilant Arena is also a good alternative if you don’t have good sub-stats on the Inert Salsotto set.

Himeko Best Main and Sub Stats for Pure Fiction

RelicsMain / Sub-Stat
HeadHP / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > Speed
HandsAttack / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > Speed
BodyCrit Damage = Crit Rate / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > Speed
FeetSpeed / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack %
Planar SphereFire Damage Boost / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > Speed
Link RopeERR % = Attack % / Crit Rate = Crit Damage > Attack % > Speed
Himeko Main and Sub Stats for her Relics and Planar Ornaments in Pure Fiction

When it comes to the Main and Sub Stats for Himeko, building her Speed, Crit Rate and Crit Damage should be the main focus. You can also use an Energy Recharge Rope to recharge her Ultimate quickly. Make sure to at least hit the 134-speed breakpoint to get two turns in the zero cycle.

Best Light Cones for Himeko in HSR

Night on the milky way light cone
  • Night on the Milky Way (Signature Light Cone)
  • The Seriousness of Breakfast (Best F2P option at S5)

The Night on the Milky Way is the best Light Cone for Himeko in Pure Fiction. It buffs the attack of the wearer based on the number of enemies on the field, which means it is almost always max-stacked in Pure Fiction.

The Seriousness of Breakfast is another great option at Superimposition 5 and is better than Night on the Milky Way for Himeko outside of Pure Fiction.

Himeko Eidolons in Honkai Star Rail

Himeko Eidolons-Honkai Star Rail
  • Childhood (E1): Himeko’s Speed increases by 20% for 2 turns after triggering her Talent Follow-up attack.
  • Convergence (E2): Deals 15% more damage to enemies with 50% or lower Max HP.
  • Poised (E3): Skill Level + 2, up to Level 15 max, Basic Attack Level + 1, up to Level 10 max.
  • Dedication (E4): Himeko gains 1 extra point of Charge when inflicting a Weakness Break with her Skill.
  • Aspiration (E5): Ultimate Level + 2, up to Level 15 max, Talent Level + 2, up to Level 15 max.
  • Trailblaze! (E6): Ultimate deals Damage 2 extra times, each of which deals Fire Damage equal to 40% of the original Damage to a random enemy.

Himeko’s Eidolons only slightly increase her overall kit. Don’t chase after her Eidolons, if you get them by failing another 50-50, then it’s fine, but there is no point in wasting tickets and Stellar Jades on her E6.

Himeko Traces in Honkai Star Rail

Bonus Abilities:

  • Starfire (Ascension 2): There is a 50% base chance of infliction Burn on enemies for 2 turns after Himeko uses an attack. Enemies with the Burn status take Fire DoT equal to 30% of Himeko’s Attack at the start of each turn.
  • Magma (Ascension 4): Burned enemies take 20% more Skill damage from Himeko.
  • Benchmark (Ascension 6): Crit Rate increases by 15% when Himeko’s HP is 80% or more of her Max HP.

Stat Boosts:

  • Attack Boost: 18%
  • Fire Damage Boost: 22.4%
  • Effect Resistance Boost: 10%

Best Team Comps for Himeko in Pure Fiction

Himeko best team comp for pure fiction hsr
OrderMain DPSSupport/Sub DPSSupportSustain/Support
BestHimekoTopazRuan MeiLuocha
AlternativeHimekoTopazHertaRuan Mei
F2PHimekoHerta/ServalAstaFire Trailblazer
Best Teams for Himeko

Himeko’s best team composition for Pure Fiction is with Topaz, Ruan Mei, and Luocha. Topaz will increase her Follow-up attack damage and Ruan Mei will buff her damage and delay enemy attacks after Himeko weakness breaks them. Other than that, Herta is also a nice DPS pair for Himeko.

Serval can also be a good Sub DPS with Himeko if enemies have Lightning weakness. Asta is a good F2P choice for Support, and particularly effective against Fire weakness enemies in Pure Fiction.

Should You Pull for Himeko in HSR?

Himeko is a strong character for Pure Fiction, but she isn’t very useful other than that. There is no point pulling for Himeko as you may get her by failing 50-50 on limited banners. It’s great if you get her, but there is no need to pull for Himeko.

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