Honkai Star Rail Firefly: Who Is She and Is She Dead?

In Short
  • Firefly is a new character in Honkai Star Rail 2.0, who plays a major role in the trailblaze missions.
  • She is an interstellar refugee and has an illness called Entropy Loss Syndrome.
  • Firefly appears to lose her life in the altercation with 'Unto Death', the new boss in Penacony.

Honkai Star Rail 2.0 has been released adding Penacony as the latest Trailblaze destination, and adding a new batch of trailblazing missions for HSR players. In the new Trailblaze missions, Firefly plays a big role while her real identity remains veiled in mystery. Here we have answered who is Firefly in Honkai Star Rail and whether she is dead.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains story spoiler from the latest Honkai Star Rail 2.0 Trailblaze mission.

Who is Firefly in Honkai Star Rail?

Firefly and Trailblazer Honkai Star Rail

Firefly was first officially featured in the Honkai Star Rail 1.6 livestream — Crown of the Mundane and Divine Special Program, where Sunday revealed the cast of new characters invited to the Penacony Charmony Festival.

Firefly’s First Appearance in Penacony HSR

Gallagher saving firefly

With the release of the Honkai Star Rail 2.0, players get to meet Firefly first during the Sleepless Night mission. After players finish the Nameless Dream with Dr. Edward, a disturbance near the plaza draws the trailblazer’s attention, where they find two thugs threatening Firefly, accusing her of being a Stowaway.

Soon, Gallagher appears and breaks the scuffle, who is a security officer of the Bloodhound Family, and one of the latest characters revealed in HSR drip marketing. Gallagher reasons with the two thugs that Firefly cannot be the stowaway, as they are looking for a silver-haired boy and not a girl.

Once the scuffle ends, Firefly tells the Trailblazer that she is a local and from the Iris Family. Firefly also mentions that she is a stage performer, and also works as a guide near Glaux Avenue. She offers to show the Trailblazer around for their help and after accepting the offer, tags along with the Trailblazer for a large part of the new trailblaze missions.

HSR Firefly: Lies, Illness and Wish

Fireflys illness Honkai Star Rail

After tagging along Firefly and meeting with an old friend Sampo, who later was confirmed to be Sparkle in disguise, Trailblazers quickly realize that Firefly is not actually a local and she is lying.

She later admits to being a stowaway and reveals that she is an interstellar refugee, like many other Penacony locals, and her hometown was destroyed by either the Legion or the Swarm.

Firefly then tells about her illness, the Entropy Loss Syndrome, which is an irreversible chronic dissociation of their physical structure, making them slowly fade away. The illness makes the person gradually slower in their actions, eventually making the line between their body and the entire world blurry. The patient is able to tell the difference between reality and dreams as it is shattered in their consciousness.

Firefly can free herself of her medical illness in Penacony and live her life again. She then reveals that she is after the Watchmaker’s Legacy but she doesn’t want to be enemies with the Trailblazer. Like the Astral Express, Firefly also got a different invitation with the same question, “Why does Life Slumber?”.

HSR Firefly Death

Firefly attacked by death

After Firefly’s talk with the Trailblazer, they go back to Golden Hour and try to return to Reverie, when Sparkle intercepts and sends them to the real Dreamscape.

In the real Dreamscape, both Firefly and Trailblazer face off against ‘Something Unto Death‘, the new game boss added in Honkai Star Rail 2.0.

They are later saved by Black Swan and the trailblazer is brought back to reality. Soon, Trailblazer, Himeko and March 7th, decide to enter the Reverie Hotel Dreamscape, which was supposedly under construction to learn the secrets of Dreamscape and Penacoy. Black Swan helps Trailblazer to enter Reverie Hotel Dreamscape, where they also meet Acheron.

Inside the Reverie Dreamscape, Black Swan reveals that Firefly is also there and being chased by Death. When they finally get to her, Firefly is attacked by Death and it appears that she is killed as Death pierces her through the chest from behind.

Is Firefly Dead in Honkai Star Rail?


It might appear that Firefly lost her life from Death’s attack in the recent Trailblaze mission, however, it is very unlikely in our opinion. Firefly didn’t leave behind a body but instead, it appeared as if her consciousness broke apart.

After the incident, Black Swan told the Trailblazer to collect any memories of Firefly left around, which likely means she can still be saved. However, we are only speculating and all of us must wait for more official information.

Is Firefly the Pilot of Sam?

Sam Honkai Star Rail 2.0

Sam is the 4th and last Stellaron hunter, who has already made an appearance in Penacony and traded blows with the Trailblazer. An old leak from a while back revealed that Firefly is actually the pilot of Sam. However, this leak is very old and may not be true.

Nonetheless, Firefly is not a simple girl as she showcased and we cannot put aside the fact that she is meddling with a lot of things in Penacony, something a Stellaron Hunter is often known to do. And, the illness she revealed pairs really well with the mechanical suit and voice of Sam revealed in Penacony.

Firefly calling Sam Mecha Honkai Star Rail

Also, Firefly does share a relationship with Sam, and we know that they were together before Firefly was killed by death. Firefly also seemed familiar with Sam, calling him Mecha in one of her memories. A wild guess from our side is that Sam is the real Firefly and the Firefly we knew was a manifestation of her old memories in Penacony.

Is Firefly a Playable Character in Honkai Star Rail?

Is Firefly a Playable Character

Firefly is not a playable character in Honkai Star Rail, and we haven’t seen any leaks pointing to it. However, Sam has been leaked to be a playable character and if Firefly and Sam are the same person, then she can be considered a playable character. Sam was leaked to be a 5-star Destruction character with the Fire damage type, and if he/she is playable, then Sam will likely feature in the Honkai Star Rail 2.2 or 2.3 versions.

So that’s it. Tell us what you think about Firefly and whether you believe she is the pilot of Sam in the comment section.

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