Honkai Star Rail: Acheron’s Kit, Eidolons & Drip Marketing

In Short
  • Acheron's full kit, including Eidolons and Trace abilities have been leaked via DIM and Homdgcat.
  • She has a unique kit, which doesn't use Energy to recharge Ultimate. She has 0 Energy and cannot receive any.
  • Acheron's kit allows debuffing enemies while dealing high multi-target damage with her AoE Ultimate and Blast Skill.

Acheron was the main attraction of the first Penacony trailer from Honkai Star Rail, and she is bound to play a major role in future Penacony Trailblaze missions. Acheron — the Galaxy Ranger, is leaked to be a 5-star Nihility character with the Lightning damage type. New leaks from DIM and Homdgcat have revealed Acheron’s entire kit, with Eidolons, and Trace Ascension abilities.

Acheron Honkai Star Rail: Path and Damage Type


Acheron is a Nihility 5-star DPS, with the Quantum damage type. She is also the Emanator of Nihility and her kit is very different from other characters, as she has 0 energy. The 2.0 Trailblazing missions also revealed that Acheron has killed Duke Ifrit Inferno, who was on his way to Penacony.

Acheron’s true name is unknown and she is a drifter claiming to be a Galaxy Ranger. She walks the cosmos alone, only accompanied by her long sword, which she flicks out like a lashing lightning. Described as aloof and taciturn, she mainly strikes with her scabbard, never drawing her Sword free. She also seems to have a lack of directional sense as she keeps getting lost, which can be an act as she always finds herself in the most important situations.

HSR Acheron Voice Actor

Acheron’s English Voice actor is Allegra Clark. She is popular for voicing Maki Zenin of Jujutsu Kaisen (anime), and Shamir of Fire Emblem (game), and she has lent her voice to many other gaming and anime characters.

Miyuki Sawashiro is the Japanese Voice actor of Acheron. She is popular for voicing Kurapika of Hunter x Hunter (anime), Celty Sturluson of Durarara (anime), and Joleyne Cyjoh of the 6th part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (anime).

Honkai Star Rail Acheron Release Date

Honkai Star Rail’s latest Drip Marketing campaign gave us our 2nd look at Acheron, the first being in the Penacony Trailer, and this confirms her as an upcoming playable character. Acheron’s Drip Marketing Campaign just 2 days prior to the Honkai Star Rail Livestream 2.0 indicates that she will be releasing with the 2.1 version.

If everything goes according to the norms, Acheron should be released on March 22, 2024, with the Honkai Star Rail 2.1 version. She also played a major role in the recent Honkai Star Rail 2.0 trailblaze missions.

Acheron’s Kit in HSR

Acheron’s kit in Honkai Star Rail is very unique from other characters as she doesn’t use Energy to recharge her Ultimate, instead using a stackable resource (nicknamed energy points). Let’s take a closer look to understand the key points of her kit.

  • Basic Attack: Does a single target attack dealing Lightning Damage equal to a percentage of her Attack and gains 1 energy point.
  • Skill: Does a Blast Lightning damage and gains 2 energy points.
  • Ultimate: Acheron consumes all the energy points and enters Ultra Pose, performing four actions within 1 turn. Additionally, all enemies have decreased All-Type Resistance during Ultra Pose.
    Action 1: Deals AoE Lightning Damage, and triggers Lotus Bloom on every single target marked with Lotus.
    Action 2: Acts again, dealing AoE Lightning Damage and triggers Lotus Bloom on every single target marked with Lotus.
    Action 3: Acts again, dealing AoE Lightning Damage and triggers Lotus Bloom on every single target marked with Lotus.
    Action 4: Acts again, dealing AoE Lightning Damage. Removes all Lotus from the enemies and exits Ultra Pose.
  • Talent: Acheron doesn’t use energy or can receive it. She starts with 0 energy points and her Ultimate gets active when she gains 9 energy points. For every energy point gained, she will apply 1 Lotus to her target. If she doesn’t have a target, the target with the highest number of Lotus will be selected (elite enemies will be prioritized).
    Lotus Bloom: Consumes Lotus held by a single target (upper limit of 3 per target) and deals Lightning Damage to all targets. This damage will count as Ultimate damage and for every Lotus consumed, this damage will be increased by 100%, independent from other buffs.
  • Technique: Has a chance to kill an enemy immediately. If unsuccessful, deals Lightning damage to all enemies after entering battle, and gains some energy points.

Acheron’s leaked kit in Honkai Star Rail is stacked with multi-target damage capabilities, making her a clear favorite for Pure Fiction in the future.

Her Ultimate is the most unique part of her kit, as it allows her to reduce the damage resistance of enemies, while she continuously does AoE lightning damage, which has increased damage based on the number of Lotus consumed.

Furthermore, her Technique has a chance to instantly kill an enemy. If this is also true for Elite Enemies, the ability will be broken. I can already see players spamming her technique and retreating from battles to trigger her insta-kill mechanic.

Acheron’s kit seems extremely broken and will likely receive heavy tuning before she becomes playable.

Acheron’s Eidolons in HSR Leaked

Acheron The Galaxy Ranger - First Look Honkai Star Rail
Acheron, The Galaxy Ranger
  • Eidolon 1: Increases Acheron’s Attack % and Crit Rate % when debuff is applied on enemies, until the end of the battle and this effect has an upper limit.
  • Eidolon 2: Reduces the Ascension 4 ability requirement by 1 and Acheron gains 1 energy point when her turn begins.
  • Eidolon 3: ??
  • Eidolon 4: All enemies take increased Ultimate Damage when performing her Ultimate ability, lasting for X turns.
  • Eidolon 5: ??
  • Eidolon 6: Acheron’s Ultimate attacks get a Crit Damage boost, and when Acheron uses her Basic or Skill attacks, they are considered Ultimate attacks instead.

Acheron’s Eidolons further increase her damage output. Her E1, E4 and E6 look particularly strong as they buff her Ultimate damage considerably, while also making her Basic and Skill considered as Ultimate attacks.

Acheron’s Leaked Trace Ascension Abilities in HSR

Acheron in Penacony
  • Ascension 2: Acheron gains X energy points upon entering battle.
  • Ascension 4: Independently increases Acheron’s damage depending on the number of Nihility teammates (max 2, and doesn’t count Acheron herself) in the party.
  • Ascension 6: When triggering Lotus Bloom, for every Lotus consumed, Acheron gets a Damage % boost for x number of turns with x number of possible stacks.

Acheron’s Ascension 4 ability is similar to Sparkle’s ascension ability, which also increases damage based on the number of Quantum characters on the field. We will likely see more such ascension abilities in the future, which heavily sets the possible team comps of that character.

Overall, Acheron’s leaked kit looks very strong and her getting buffs based on the number of Nihility characters in the team makes her a perfect pair for Black Swan or Kafka. Share your opinions on Acheron in the comment section below.

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