ATMs in India are Testing Touchless Cash Withdrawals Using Smartphones

touchless atm testing india

As we prepare for life post the Coronavirus lockdowns and quarantines, there are a lot of things to remain wary about. We need to wear masks in public places, practice social distancing (even when taking group selfies), and try not to touch random surfaces. That means using ATMs can be a huge issue. However, banks are figuring out ways to allow customers to withdraw their money without touching the ATM machine.

AGS Transact Technologies Limited is reportedly testing the new solution with interested banks. The good thing is that banks don’t need to replace their existing ATM machines to use the touchless solution. Instead, all they need to do is push a software update to their ATMs.

This will show up a QR code on the screen, which the user can scan on their bank app to authenticate and authorise withdrawal. Users can then enter the required amount into their own smartphone and collect the money from the ATM machine. It does sound like a good idea, and banks have started testing it out already.

Speaking of the technology, AGS Transaction Technologies CEO Ravi Goyal is quoted as saying the following. “With minimum investment, the banks can enable this solution for their ATM networks by upgrading the existing software. We are confident that this solution will resonate with Banks & customers alike”

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  • Gyan Dave konch says:

    It’s sounds great signed

  • Sunil says:

    I totally agree with this concept of withdrawal process. It’s definitely safe n easy. It’s really helpful in protecting from covid 19. Thanks for Creative concept.

  • Subhash kumar mondal says:

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  • Ghulam nabi mir says:

    This is the good job
    It means we don, t have use of ATM crad

    • S says:

      My opinion is we can completely go digital

  • Prem Das Warrier says:

    Good and seemingly practical too…

  • Bokeh says:

    Its been available in turkey for more than 5 years…


    This is the best method to withdraw cash without touching ATM.

    • Dr.S K Katiyar says:

      A very sound, innovation if Bank implement it soon.

  • Sumanta Mittra says:

    I am excited

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