Asus Releases the World’s Fastest RTX 4090 Graphics Card; Check It Out!

asus rog matrix rtx 4090

Asus has unveiled a supercharged RTX 4090 graphics card. If you thought Nvidia’s ultra-enthusiast flagship GPU packing in 24GB of GDDR6X memory wasn’t fast enough, this card definitely elevates everything. Here are all the details:

Asus ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 Launched

The most expensive Nvidia graphics card, RTX 4090 has features like DLSS 3.5, 3rd-gen RT Cores, AV1 codec support, and more. Asus is an AIB partner and has unveiled a new model based on water cooling, rather than air cooling. This lowers GPU thermals significantly, and the entire water cooling assembly is provided with the GPU.

So, how fast is the Asus ROG Matrix edition? It has already won many world records! The Asus ROG Matrix RTX 4090 is the best, top-performing single GPU, as tested in 3DMark’s Time Spy Extreme (24,349 pts), 3DMark Port Royal (31,980 pts), and several other synthetic benchmarks.

This implementation is much better than putting air cooling, and this Asus ROG Matrix RTX 4090 will operate at much more silent noise levels as compared to air-cooled GPUs. The best air-cooled RTX 4090 is Maxsun’s 5-Fan variant that we covered previously. The Asus ROG Matrix RTX 4090 has the following features:

  • Up to 2700MHz boost clock speeds
  • Uses liquid metal as the thermal interface material (TIM), instead of conventional thermal paste.
  • 360mm All-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler with 700mm tubing
  • Custom-engineered cold plate with optimized coolant flow rate
  • Magnetic fans with daisy-chain support
  • Premium power delivery with 12VHPWR power connector

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Asus ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090: Price & Availability

The Asus ROG Matrix RTX 4090 Liquid Cooled graphics card is priced at $3200 in the US. This price is literally double the cost of the GPU’s original $1600 launch price. It really is a very expensive graphics card to purchase! Still, it offers key advantages such as the highest boost clock speeds available on an RTX 4090 yet, making this the world’s fastest graphics card for gaming.

According to Asus, the card is available to purchase now. People will need to contact their local Asus representative for details, but we will update this section once the card is available in online stores. There is also a charity event that starts on September 25, in which people can bid on a custom ROG Matrix graphics card signed by Jensen Huang, president of Nvidia!

Is this GPU too expensive? Would you buy the ROG Matrix graphics card for its many advantages, despite the doubled-up price tag? This card is aimed at enthusiasts who seek the best graphics card possible. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Featured Image Courtesy: Asus

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