Apple Could Rebrand Apple ID to ‘Apple Account’ in 2024: Report

Apple ID Rebranding
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In Short
  • Apple is getting ready for a major rebrand of Apple ID to "Apple Account".
  • We might see this Apple ID rebranding later this year along with iOS 18 and macOS 15.
  • At the moment, it isn't clear why Apple is considering a new name for Apple ID.

Apple is getting ready for a major rebrand of its well-known Apple ID, with plans to rename it as ‘Apple Account’. Several sources who are familiar with Apple’s work told MacRumors that the Cupertino tech giant is experimenting with a new Apple Account name which might debut as early as this year.

An ‌Apple ID‌ is a core account for everything Apple. It allows a user to access various Apple services like iCloud, App Store, Apple Pay, Apple Music, and more. When you first set up your Apple device, you need to create an Apple ID or use the one that already exists. If you use the same Apple ID across multiple Apple gear, everything will be automatically synced on your devices.

Apple Could Rebrand Apple ID to ‘Apple Account’ in 2024: Report

If Apple plans to rebrand ‌Apple ID‌ to Apple Account, we’re likely to see it later in 2024 alongside the launch of iOS 18 (Codename Crystal) and macOS 15 (Codename Glow). It’s worth knowing that the term “Apple Account” can already be seen on Apple’s support document, as well as a part of larger phrases such as “Apple Account Balance“. Sources told MacRumors that Apple is preparing to replace the existing mentions of “‌Apple ID‌” with “Apple Account” as a part of its major rebranding.

It seems to be a year of introducing some big changes by Apple. The giant is tweaking its well-known brands in 2024. First, it changed the Apple Store guidelines to allow sideloading on iOS 17, then it canceled its decade-long Electric Car Project, and now it might give a new name to the Apple brand- Apple ID.

At the moment, we don’t know why Apple is considering the plans to rebrand Apple ID. Apple has a style of keeping multiple marketing names ready before it plans to launch new services or products. For instance, when launching the operating system for the Vision Pro headset, Apple used three different names in its internal testing, namely realityOS, xrOS, and visionOS.

While we might see a new name for Apple ID, there’s also a possibility that Apple Account branding might not come to fruition, for some reason. Currently, there’s limited information at hand, we’ll update you as new leaks pile up in the coming weeks.

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