This App Lets You Hire Celebrities to Record You a Personal Video

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The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has shut down many global events already and locked people in their homes. We saw how much our smartphone usage has increased during this time of crisis. There are also many apps, games and services online that have seen a surge in usage and downloads in the past few weeks. Cameo is one such app that has been booming in the market right now.

The Cameo platform is a unique take on personalised shout-outs. It essentially lets you hire moderately popular actors, athletes, comedians, style icons and singers to make personalised videos for your friends, family members or loved ones. Sounds…confusing, right?

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Well, the platform features numerous small-scale celebrities and a few popular names of the showbiz industry. These celebrities have enrolled themselves in Cameo to let general people hire them to make short shoutout videos. In these short videos, the celebrities might wish a happy birthday to your dad or mom or congratulate your friend or loved one for something they have achieved. Hell, there are even popular dogs (apart from Snoop Dogg), camels and polar bears in this platform wishing people happy birthday and congratulating them! Such a weird time to live in!

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Now, the catch is that you have to pay some cash to the celebrities (animals included) in exchange for the videos. The price ranges from $10 (~Rs 770) to $2500 (~Rs 1,91,660) per video. This price depends on the popularity of the figure. For instance, you can hire your favourite dog for just $10 bucks. However, if you want, say a celebrity like Caitlyn Jenner wish your friend happy birthday, get ready to shed some big bucks.

The Cameo app, which is available for both Android and iOS, was released back in 2017 with a seed funding of $500,000. However, not many people knew about the platform until we were all quarantined. Since the Coronavirus took over the world, the app has seen a 30% surge in downloads and many new celebrities have joined the platform to earn some easy money through this lucrative business model.

So if you want to surprise your mom, dad, friends, loved one or even your boss with a personalised message from Akon or Mike Tyson or someone they love, then you can check out this app right away or go to the official website.

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