Sony’s New AR App Will Put a Virtual TV on Your Wall

Sony Envision TV AR feat.

Just last day, when my mother told me that we should get a new television set, I immediately went to grab the measuring tape to make sure that the new TV fits on our wall. This is a common concern that we have while getting a new TV set for our homes. Well, not anymore! Sony’s new “Envision TV AR” app puts a new Sony TV set right on your wall to give you an idea of how your new idiot box will look on it.

Recently announced, the “Envision TV AR” app uses augmented reality (AR) to put a virtual version of your selected TV set on the wall. So, with this app, you can make sure that the new TV set you get is the right-sized one for your space. No more struggling with the measuring tape.

Now, the app is available for both Android and iOS devices. However, as this uses AR technology, the app will not run on every device. For Android, the app requires devices that support Google’s ARCore. This enables the device to use the AR tech of the app accurately. You can learn more about ARCore and find out if your device supports it or not from Google’s official page. For iOS devices, the app requires any iPhone model that came out after the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

The “Envision TV AR” is, of course, made to sell more Sony TVs as it won’t put any other brands’ TV set on your wall. The company thinks that if the consumer is sure that a Sony TV will fit their space, they will go for it over other brands’ TV. However, I think that once you know that a specific-sized TV set will fit your wall, you can get a TV of that size from any brand you want, as the size is a universal factor and will not change with brands.

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