This App Brings Back Play Store App Update Notifications

This App Brings Back Playstore App Update Notifications

Google Play Store recently stopped showing notifications for app updates. While everyone was hoping that it was a bug, a Google spokesperson told Android Police that it was an intended behavior, meaning you will no longer be notified about app updates. Well, not really. There is a new app that brings back app update notifications.

For those wondering why this was even significant, people install a variety of apps these days and often forget using them and app update notifications served as an indirect way to remind people that they still have an app. If you’re one of those, all you need is AppNotifier to bring back your familiar app update experience.

Inside AppNotifier, you can choose to show notifications for new app installs and app updates. What’s more, you even get an option to enable notifications for sideloaded apps. Cool, right?

app notifier

However, there are a couple of limitations with AppNotifier. Unlike Google Play Store, you won’t get notified when the app is being installed. Instead, the notifications will be sent after the installation process is complete. Also, since the app relies on the data from the apps present on your phone, app name changes will not be reflected and the renamed app will be interpreted as a new app.

I personally don’t miss app update notifications but I’m sure people who use third-party theme engines like Substratum would find the absence of app update notifications inconvenient as unexpected app updates could render an app unusable if an updated theme is not out yet.

The app is open-source and hence, you may download it either from GitHub or from Google Play Store. So, do you miss app update notifications? Let us know in the comments.

Download AppNotifier from PlayStore | Download AppNotifier from GitHub

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