Zoom Unveils a New Touchscreen Display for Its Software

Zoom feat

Zoom was one of the first video conferencing services to really rise in popularity during the Coronavirus lockdown. The company saw a surge in active users, and a lot of security problems which were soon fixed as well. Now, the company is planning on expanding its portfolio by launching some hardware dedicated for conference calls and remote working.w

“Zoom for Home” is a touchscreen display that works with the Zoom software. The company is hoping that the hardware will be a hit since the work from home situation these days may well become the new normal going into the future. As such, users will require better hardware for their work conference calls and collaboration. Zoom has data to back up its hopes as well. The company cites an IBM study that states that 61% people wanted work from home to be the primary way of working.

“After experiencing remote work ourselves for the past several months, it was clear that we needed to innovate a new category dedicated to remote workers,” said Zoom CEO Eric Yuan.

The new display comes in at 27 inches and is customised for Zoom calls. The company is set to start shipping it from August at $599 each. The company is hoping to capitalise further with its new hardware. However, companies like Google, Microsoft, and others have also been improving their offerings for remote work in recent times. It remains to be seen how well Zoom’s new hardware is adopted by companies. However, at $599, it’s definitely not cheap.

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    Zoom is the best app for video conferencing
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    Please time limit 60mins
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