Xiaomi’s Mi Smart Curtain Can Be Controlled By Voice

Xiaomi smart curtain

Apart from making smartphones and fitness trackers, Xiaomi is also a major name in the electronics industry. This is mostly because the company sometimes funds some pretty unusual products through its crowdfunding platform, Youpin, like the EDON foldable fan, the intelligent ear pick, or the Mi electric toothbrush. Now, the company recently launched the Mi Smart Curtain in China, expanding its product portfolio in the IoT category.

The M Smart Curtain is just what you think it is. A 3-meter bar with a motor baked into it which is, in turn, connected to the curtain. This allows the user to control the curtain remotely or by using their voice or via Mi Home Applications.

Apart from controlling the curtains with the aforementioned ways, users can also automate the thing. The automation process will be based on the availability of natural light. This means you can configure the curtains to open in the mornings when it detects the natural light from the sun.

Now, one major drawback of the Mi Smart Curtain is that it requires a power outlet to work. It does not have a built-in battery to power the motor. Instead, it comes with a 1.5m (~5 feet) long power cable. So, the users need to have a power outlet near the window with the Mi curtain.

Now, as this is Xiaomi we are talking about, the price of the Mi Smart Curtain is quite low compared to IoT products like this one. Chinese residents can get the product for a price of CNY 699 (~Rs 7500). However, as of now, there is no word from the company about launching this product globally. Also, the company promises to install the curtains free of charge.

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