Xiaomi's Latest 5,000mAh ZMI Power Bank Warms Your Hands

Xiaomi’s Latest 5,000mAh ZMI Power Bank Warms Your Hands

Xiaomi's Latest 5,000mAh ZMI Power Bank Warms Your Hands

Xiaomi has launched a new 5,000mAh power bank in China that also functions as a hand warmer. Much like the hand warmer power bank Xiaomi launched last year, the new model offers a handy and pocketable design. However, the design is more vertically elongated and looks like a hybrid of a computer mouse, soap, and mango.

Xiaomi claims to have used PTC self-limiting temperature heating technology to ensure the safety of users. The company promises to offer 2 hours of usage in high temperature and up to 4 hours at low temperature. You also have the option to adjust the temperature, which is useful to add the right amount of heat to feel comfortable.

If you’re even thinking to check this product out, you’re probably not purchasing it as your primary power bank. It is more of a hand warmer that can also help you with a quick top-up in case your phone is running out of battery. That said, it should be convenient for light users who seek a cute little power bank.

For what it’s worth, you still get average charging speeds and Xiaomi claims that the device can charge the iPhone 12 in 150 minutes as opposed to 195 minutes with Apple’s 5W charging brick. You can also use this power bank to charge your smart wearable gadgets. Moreover, combined with ZMI’s LED light, you can use it as a portable night light.

Xiaomi’s ZMI power bank is currently available via Xiaomi Youpin at 89 Yuan (~Rs.1,000). At this price, the hand warmer power bank seems to be a good deal, especially now that winter is coming. Unfortunately, there’s no word on the global availability of this power bank just yet.

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